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hi.I like food and music.  k, bye.
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I haven't been on here in months.
I would only start checking Witty once every few weeks starting about a year ago or more.
So much has changed.
Its been almost 3 years since I joned, and now its so empty.
Witty used to be my life, and looking at it now is so different

If anyone asks,
Georgia Rose leaked it. 


"The One Direction fandom leaked a song that was supposed to be released in December"



*camping by fire*
dad's friend
: take your foot away from the fire or else your croc will burn! see now your croc is ruined.
my dad: *disgusted face* all crocs should be burned anyways.

i love my dad.

If boobs slept
would that mean that they're breasting?

mom: *sweeping*

mom: *screams*

me: what?

mom: a bug that jumps! *screams*

mom;*grabs a shoes and hits the bug 20 times*

mom: oh yeah? JUMP NOW.

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(not my quote)


Steve leaving us alone is basically like a doctor leaving his mental patients alone for a while.
we need help.
steve. come back.


if demi didnt need a thigh gap for niall to
find her beautiful then
you dont either

*watching Zoey 101* (Curse of the PCA) when theyre stuck in a storm
*ghost is going after Zoey*

Mom: Yeah girl ,you're dead. You should've just gotten struck with lightning in the head and maybe you wouldnt have gotten pregnant at 16.