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Quotes by sillylemur

Ever feel like you're just losing brain cells while you're watching or listening to something stupid?

Anyone else think

while they're watching Bear Grylls

that the only thing you've learned this whole episode is:

"don't go into the wilderness"

That Awkward Moment When:
You break something and your parents ask what happen and you just say
"I don't know"

Me: *walks out house playing All Time Low on my ipod*
Tom: "Bryanna do you like All Time Low by any chance?"
Me:*looks down* (wearing an All Time Low tour shirt, All Time Low bracelets, 2 all time low neckleces, and an All Time Low hat in my hand)"uhm, you have no clue"
Tom: "I think I do...."

what can I say? I love my All Time Low<3

I feel like Witty's gone from girl's venting to girl's looking for relationships,
from girl's trying to help 1 another to trashing 1 another,
into a place exactly like the places we're trying to escape.
I don't mind the guys,
but why be all over them?
Why can't witty just go back to a place where we can not be afraid to say how we feel
to a place where no matter who you are, what you look like you can be you?

And I hate when;
I go out and I look really nice and I see no hot guys
And then 
I go out in sweats with my hair all messed up 
and I SWEAR I see EVERY hottie.

I'm the kinda girl that,
decides to watch a scary movie at midnight alone in the dark,
 and 5 minutes into the movie she grabs her stuffed animal,
a quarter a way into the movie she turns on the light
and halfway through grabs her stuffed animal and sleeps with her mom.

That Awkward Moment When:
you sneak out and slam the door 
and don't get caught
and as you're sneaking in your friend falls down the stairs 
and you still don't get caught
and then you sneeze super softly 
and your mom catches you

On August 3rd my gorgeous niece was born.
The only problem?
She's about a month and a half early.
She's 3 pounds 3 ounces.
I'm hoping she will gain weight fast and be able to come home soon.