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Quotes by sillylemur

And I'm the kinda girl,
that when someone says act natural,
I strike a pose.(:

That Awkward Moment
When the person you hate likes your truth is Facebook status


And I have the kind of friends,
That will chase after me,
Even though they're out of breath or in flip flops,
And sit in the middle of the street at midnight with me while I cry. 
Yeah, I got some true friends<3

That Awkward Moment
When you don't feel good,
And you're staring off into space with an angry look,
And you're friends ask you why the hell you're giving them a dirty look.

And some kid was stabbed with a box cutter in my school.
He was fine.
The kid who stabbed him, stabbed him in front of the office.
What I wanna know, is what that kid's escape plan was.
Step 1. Stab kid
Step 2. uhhh.


That Awkward Moment
When your school is having a "drill"
And the police show up with the dogs,
And the drug dealers all start freaking out

Dear Boy,
I've wished for you,
every 11:11,
on every shooting star, 
when I blew out my candles,
every time I threw a penny in a fountain,
and on every eyelash.

Boy, why aren't you mine yet?
1 all wished out

Its what you ask for when you already know the answer but you really don't like it.

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