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Lol this is stuch a throwback im laughing♥


Quotes by sillyspiders29

I am insecure abou my w eight
I not because I get bullied about it. 
oh no. 
I'm afraid
of being bullied about it. 


Teacher: So! Where did everybody go this winter break?
Annoying Boy: I went around the world with Santie Clause. 
Mom: Honey, you need a normal sleeping pattern. 
One Direction:
Justin Bieber: 
Little Mix:

Me: What's that? 
I think....

I'm finially starting to feel good about myself. 
Stop it Witty...

I'm trying to clean my room here. 

All these roads  steer me wrong
but i still drive them  all night long ♥                                                          


Me: What would you do if your teacher was pregnat, then just started to give birth right when you were in class?
Friend: I would scream and then shild my eyes. 
Friend 2: I would run out of the class room to puke. 
Me: I'd laugh. 
*Me and my Best friend texting* 
Me: I swear, I'm moving to England when I'm older. 
Her: I'll come with you and we can be like roomies or somthin, hahaha, then we cud go see one direction in concert, and eat crupets, and have tee and junk! 
Me: With the queen of course! 

I love our conversactions. 
Me: Mooommm, I'm hungry. 
Mom: Honey, it's 9:30 you don't need food. 
Me: But i'm hunngrrryyy. 
Brother: You shouldn't eat. 
Me: Are you saying i just shouldn't eat at all? 
Me: *thinking* maybe i should, if even my family thinks i'm fat. 
Me: *Walks into school*
Me: *sneezes*
Me: Gosh, i knew i'm allergic to school!