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Quotes by sillyy_goose_ox

i lovemy crazy stupid friends. (:

lets see what losers took the time to copy and paste this to something else and changing the font to ariel. (: (: (:

shhh girl, shut your lips, do the helen keller, and talk with your hips (:
Yeah thats right im over you (: i dont knoww why i wasted my time on you, it wasnt worth it.
i wanna believe you, but then i wanna believe what my best friends say.
                  Roses are red
                Violets are blue
i cant believe i ever fell for you
         you said you loved me
                     i guess not
                     by forever
                you little snot (:

and the truth is, every girl may say there over a guy after they were in love with them, but they all will still have a feeling for them one way or the other
its just the fact of seeing you everyday, makes me put a smile on my face, even if i am in the worst mood.
will you just hold me tight and never let go ?
& sometimes i just wanna
and seeing you everyday puts a smile on my face even when behind that smile i wanna cry </3