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I am egyptian


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a girl in a car wearing a seatbelt

she looks like


Knock Knock!

  Who’s there?


  Cheese who?

  Cheese a cute girl!

woman :

W: wonderful
O: outstanding
M: marvelous
A: adorable
N: nice
Women, don’t be the wife who waits for her husband to give her money, be the wife who makes more money than her husband, the woman with a career, independent

Always imagine your future, cause it gives a motivation to do the things, and also dream about your future as you want it, and make it happen!

do u like taylor swift ? why?

Dear best friends, always remember that when you fall, I'll pick you up. But just after I finish laughing.
I want to make a Facebook account and the name will be Nobody so when I see stupid crap people post, I can Like it. And it will say Nobody Likes This.
Once, a four year old boy asked his mother if God is real and if so why wasn’t he able to see Him anywhere. The mother replied that we cannot see God but we can feel him all around us, in trees, in animals in the air…just like love which we can’t see but it’s there. The little boy said: Mommy you are wrong. I Do see love. The mother asked: where can you see love my son? Mommy.. I can see love in your eyes…
A baby is everything to her mother as she is to the baby.