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Quotes by sincerelymexo

And you have no idea
that just saying "hey"
Will make me fall for you...
♥ All over again.

I don't love him
       ....i love who he used to be

We're just friends
-------> I think :)
 tonight will be the night that i will fall for you
   ♥over again

There's always that one boy 
          That you will never get over
------> No matter what  ♥

I hate looking at breakup quotes and seeing quotes made by all of the girls that have had their hearts broken. For me, i'm the one breaking the guys hearts
And i don't even know why </3 
& I miss everything about you. 
I can't believe that i still want you.
OMG guess what!
......i'm in like with you ♥

I think i might
   Love   ♥
      ♥   You


She likes
to run
back to
hurt her
most. </3