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Heyyy! So as can tell by my motto and color choice i love Justin Bieber and he loves haters so whatever. You gotta give this boy respect, he has won 4 american music awards and nominated for 2 grammys at 16. Unless you've done better than that it's impressive. He is such an inspiration to me and love his amazing face so here look at it!

Quotes by singer23

It's funny,
  I thought this time I meant something...

It's funny,
  I though this time I meant something...

Don't you see it?
Don't you see how beautiful you are?
Don't you see how talented 
you are?
Don't you see that
you're one of a kind?
Don't you see how smart
you are?
Dont you see how funny
you are?
Don't you see how sweet
you are?
Don't you see how caring
you are?
Don't you see how special
you are?
Don't you see that
you're amazing?
Hun, you shouldn't need a guy to see all of those things.

Y O U just be Y O U


Instead of
"Awkward silence,"
My 6 yr old neighbor says
"Random Quiet."


You know what I need right now?
My best friend. The only person who has always been there for me
good and bad. I wanna lay on the floor and laugh about  nothing.
I wanna sit and tell her about my latest crush and get her opinion.
I wanna do the cinnamon challenge and scream at the top of our lungs.
Stalk people on facebook and sing to our favorite songs.
Cry so hard that we can't breath but hug each other to show it'll be alright.
 Make videos that don't make sense and laugh at what dorks we are.
Obsess over hot actors and claim who we are going to marry.
Listen to her problems and give her advice.
Eat ice cream and skip around her house at 3am.
Fall asleep on the floor in awkward positons.
Wake up laughing at what we did the night before.
Attempt to make breakfast and call her sisters mine.
Realize that she is one of the best things I've ever known.
Hug her goodbye as I leave but text her as soon as  i get out the door.
Yeah i want my best friend, I want my sister.
I love you Meg <3

"I hope life treats you kind 
And I hope  you have all you've
 Dreamed of
  And I wish to you joy and happiness
 But above all this
 I wish you Love."


"And if you ask me how I'm doing

I would say i'm doing just fine

I would lie and say you're not on my mind..."



"Sandy's a girl?!?!?!"

-Patrick :) 


Spongebob Moments #1

 "You like krabby patties don't you Squidward...." 



The awkward moment,
 when a sentence doesn't end the way you octopus