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Quotes by singheartmusic4lifexoxo

I think your shorts are too short because,

I see some cheeks and they’re not on your face!!


Searching for seashells is like searching for the right guy

Know that you will come across many but still continue looking for the






You can use glue to try to keep something together forever,

You can use a
paper clip to keep something together for a short time,

You can us
tape to keep something together without anyone seeing.

&& I wish I would of used these to keep us him and I



:.:.::::…Looking at you with her makes me want to turn away

But I know that I will look back :.:.::.:::..


I’m screaming but you still don’t hear my love for you




One day she will realize the truth.


I may be in a small town

But my dreams are BIG


My friends say I am always talking

Then why am I so speechless around




Love is a sport so you should have:

all of the protective gear you use in sports

because you never know when you will be hurt.



A grain of sand = my love for you


Have you been to the beach??