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I BELIEVE IN GOD!!!! .I love music,reading, and food.I love animals. Crazy people are the best kind of people. I hate the people that think they are better than everyone else. Before they talk bad about other people they need to look in the mirror. I know it is sad how many people i follow . :) You can follow me if you want to I'll follow you back. I love to meet new people as long as they are not a butt to every one.  Oh and my name is Jamie. I am 15.  
And if you don't like me i really don't care^_^
Have a nice day and God bless

Quotes by Ginger*

When you finally figure out you love someone let them know. 
Don't ask someone out if you don't love them you feel guilty and they get a broken heart
Life is too short to spend every moment being serious. You have to have a little fun.. i find being dumb with friends is the remedy:)
Why does it matter so much if your "over it"? When you love someone you never really stop caring... your just to proud to say I STILL LOVE YOU!

The only reason someone bullies you is because they are jealous they can't be more like you.
 And that is how you know who really cares.
Don't give up if it's worth fighting for.
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