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Hi,i'm Vanessa.

          Sophomore. Christian. I'm in love with marching band. 
Small town down south is where I be.  But if I could move, I would.  ♥ 


Quotes by sistahdear


And if you want to fly, 
you have to let go of the things holding you down.



I don't like falling for you,
because I hate wanting things I can't have.



And I know you like her,
But sometimes I can't help but think maybe I have a chance.



Maybe one day,
I'll like a guy who will finally like me back.


And then you realize
That all he is was just a flirt and everything that meant
something to you, never made a difference to him.

Nice to a creeper guy who likes you;
BAM stalked for life.

Hair before workout -
"Oh, i'm working this updo."
Hair after workout 
"Whaddup with yo hair style?"



Her story is so inspiring.

Those friends you have

that you wonder if you're drifting
apart or if it's your imagination.


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When your phone has no signal,
So you go all Lion King on it.