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Hi, I'm Hari, and I love Maroon 5.

Quotes by Hari*

Blowing out
someone else's flame doesn't
make yours brighter.

The rain falling
reminds me of you,
because it's falling hard
                    and I am, too.

I am so socially uncomfortable that when I interact with my crush, my hands literally start trembling because of how nervous I am. So if he drops his pencil and asks me to pick it up, I have to do it very, very carefully because if I go normal speed I'll end up shaking like crazy and like stabbing his left eye out or something because I am just that awkward

stay classy;    
            never trashy.   ♥  

it really makes me wonder
  if I ever gave a f*** about you. 
                                                                                                                                                              -Maroon 5, Makes Me Wonder 

There are no
   bad people,
     just bad decisions.

Adam Levine

I wish we would stop telling our kids theyre good at everything and allow them to fail sometimes.
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So today in class, we learned that when the female clownfish dies, the male clownfish changes its gender and reproduces with its children so as to pass on genetic material.

I guess that's why Nemo's dad wanted to find him so badly.
There's a horror movie about a murderous car tire named
Robert that goes around blowing stuff up and killing people.

I can't. I just can't.
Imagine if your teacher forced you to put your phone/laptop on the projector and show the class your Internet history and pictures...
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