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Hi, I'm Hari, and I love Maroon 5.

Quotes by Hari*


I love you, and I hope your day is going well.


You're so hot.
You're like a stove.
Like a zesty pepper.
For the record, British English is the original English, so Americans are actually the ones with the accents. 
The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music.

I wanna feel
your heart beat for me  

-Maroon 5, I Can't Lie 

When I read a quote, 
I don't pay attention to the format or the person who created the quote. I pay attention to the quality.      


Kept playing love like it was just a game,
pretending to feel the same,
then turn around and leave again.

-Maroon 5, This Love

& shwill be loved.


Talking to someone so ignorant
that you're like, "Stop, stop.
You're killing my brain cells."


I create quotes for the fun of it,
(x) (x) (x)                                                   not for the faves.
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