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hi im Sydney! And I have not been on witty for so long. I used to come on here all the time and I actually met some great people here. So for those of you that want to talk to me still, I won't be on witty anymore. I'm way too busy. But you can Kik me or find me on Instagram at sjmierzwa (:


Quotes by sjtrue

this morning before i left my house to walk down to the bus,

i turned on my ipod to see that i had a message on skype. It was an old friend telling me that he read our old conversations and that he really enjoyed talking to me.

he also told me he was sorry but he could not take life anymore and that this was his goodbye.

at this point i spent the whole day worrying about him. not having his number i couldnt text him and not having internet i couldnt message him.

i got home and messaged him right away.

i was so thankful that he replied right back. 

i made him promise never to hurt himself and i gave him my number.

Everybody needs somebody that they can tell everything to. and no matter how stupid it is, they will stand behind you. they will stay up and text you to make sure you're okay. they will always be there for you.

he told me he didnt have anyone like that in his life.

i told him i'd be that person for him.

when will you realize that everything was


if you really loved me with all your heart you wouldnt have changed your mind

i feel like im the squidward of my school
where everyone is working hard and smiling
and then theres me and im like

"i hate you all"


i was sung happy birthday to
36 times.

i felt so awkward i cant even describe it.

I am 96% obsessed with my looks!

I own:
[x] hair straightener
[x ] curling iron
[x] mousse
[x] hairspray
[x ] gel
[x] other sprays
[x] bobby pins
[x] hair clips
[x] hair ties
[x] round barrel brush
[x] blow dryer
[x] mirror
[x ] I have dyed my hair
[x ] I have/had highlights

Eyes: I own
[x] black eyeliner
[x ] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[ ] fake eyelashes
[ x] eyelash curler
[ x] eye shimmer
[ x] contacts
[ x] stunna shades
[x] eye makeup remover

Lips/Teeth: I own
[x] clear lip gloss
[x] red or pink lip gloss
[x] lipstick
[x] chap stick
[x ] lip plumper
[x ] electric toothbrush
[x ] teeth whitener
[x] more than 15 lip glosses
[x] toothpaste

Complexion/Overall Face: I own
[x] blush
[] moisturizer
[x] face wash
[x] bronzer
[x] makeup remover
[x] face wipes
[x] powder
[x ] cover up
[ x] blotting papers

[x]nail polish/varnish
[x] filer
[x ] cuticle remover
[x ] nail hardener
[ x] nail brush
[x ] fake nails
[x] nail scissors
[x] special scissors to cut your nials

Now multiply your number by 2
Then repost as I am % obsessed with my looks


 i sat down on the bus, next to one of my best friends.
she had "love" written up and down her arms in blue marker. 

her "friends" then laughed at her for having it written on her arms.

"i dont care if you guys think it's stupid. This is how i want to dress. And im just standing up for something i believe in."

Today was picture day. I cant wait to see her picture in the yearbook. Im so proud of her.


have you ever just wanted to leave

get up and go?

leave everythine and everyone behind
because honesly, you feel like you wouldn't miss anyone.
and nobody would miss you?

thats how i feel. all the time.
*house phone rings*
Dad: *picks up phone*
Dad: Hello Eddie's bar and grill, how may i help you?
Dad: hello?
Dad: hello?
Dad:i was just kidding dont hang up

if­      you're    not      from    my     town
you are automatically 10 times more attractive.