Status: i have not been on here in forever :$
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Gender: F
Hai :* 
14/ blonde/ Canada
The names Megan- May for short. 
I love you! :) .xx

dont come on here much anymore..
only really to talk to luvinluvquotes73 cus shes perf 

friends in real;
hockeyislife (sister)  


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373Cherrypie 9 years ago
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heyy megan i know you havent been on in quite a while but i love your pic
Ralph* 9 years ago
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My most adored May,
I got your follow on Instagram! I'm so glad you're following me, &I hope that you saw I'm following you back. I'm very excited for all your beautiful pictures&selfies to be posted for me to fangirl over how beautiful you are. ♥
You say there was snow in March, huh? It was the same here in Boston. Blah. >.< But it's so pretty outside now, with the temperature being high enough just to wear shorts without sweating to death, &wow, it's lovely.
I'm sorry I haven't been coming on here as much as I used to, I just have gotten so... frazzled, is the word to really describe it. Frazzled by life &living in it. It's interesting, really. But overall, I'm just always on Instagram &Twitter &such. &Aw omg, I just noticed your bio. It made me smile. You're too precious, you know that? ♥
Ah, I see we're both going through our, "Live Through Music Junkie" phase. Gosh, what teenagers we truly are. I'm currently going through an inner 80s phase. I'm trying really hard to find good music, &I'm starting with that wonderful generation. So far, although the music &melodies is very dry compared to the auto-tuned pop crap we like to listen to today, it's different. Kinda turns me on. Gives me... a music . ;)
But overall, I've just been trying out new music, but still kinda keeping my old taste in mind, as well. Just a whole bunch of unique music for me to have a go at. ^.^
I enjoy that your music taste is all cutesy &such. I like yours. I'm still listening to Ed Sheeran myself. :) Enjoy music. It may be the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes. ^.^
As for books, I haven't read Looking for Alaska! I'm trying really hard to get to reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but that time hasn't come yet, it's just sitting in my backpack. I really want to read it though, I just have to be feeling the moment, of course.
Eh. I'll get to it eventually &then fangirl about it with you. ♥
Trawlz, I really hope I get better at guitar. So far, I haven't been doing too well, but I give myself the excuse that I am an amazing beginner &I shall keep rocking out on my acoustic guitar like there is no tomorrow. ;) I kind of wish I had chosen an electric guitar, but on the other hand I'm like... ehhh, I kinda don't want one. Accoustics are so pretty. ^.^
I have to figure out what song I want to learn how to play. Blah, I still have to choose for my teacher on Wednesday without the song being too hard for me. >.< Wish me luck.
Well unfortunately, Tim has been moved away from me during English class, so we no longer flirt in that class, but he does enjoy getting very close to me during lockers as if he's going to kiss me. But I'm not interested in him anymore, and I don't think I ever was. I mean, maybe for a little because he was flirting with me &no one was back then, but now nobody is flirting with me, &since Tim &Maddy are like, in love, I backed away. They're too cute with each other anyways. Blah. I needa find my own Tim&Maddy relationship. ;3
Awww, John! May&John. That sounds like the kind of couple that'd be really cutesy &live in a pretty neighborhood with extremely cutesy kids &all the families on the street would like them a lot &they'd have intercourse very often.
I hope you two speak more! He sounds too cute! Don't let him go!
I unfortunately have to let go my "crush" since he's going to a new school next year... he was too shy for me to ever have an actual conversation with him, but God, is he beautiful &an amazing personality. The way he blushes red, the way his teeth are always a pearly white behind his braces... aw.
Dammit why is he going to an all-boys school?
I'm glad, that way they can't take him away.
Unless he's gay.
Then that would just make me upset.
Sigh. :(
But yes. Go after John. You don't want him to end up like my Christopher. (He goes by Chris, but Christopher just sounds beautiful. &Since he is as beautiful as his name, that is what he shall be called.)
I'm looking forward to hearing about your life, as I have missed you so so much. ♥
I'll tell you my "incredible" stories as soon as you reply with yours.
Iloveyou, May♥
Ralph* 9 years ago
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My dearest May,
I've missed you so much! I'm sorry for the late reply, I've been in the handle of school &tests &such, so I never really had much time to spend on here. I'm on spring break this whole week, so we now have the advantage to talk &have merry conversations, weee♥
Now, I'm guessing that I should catch you up &all since we're so far behind on our lives. This is going to be the little section of my long comment that I talk &gush all about myself, &then any other little detail you'd like to know about. I've been listening to TONS of Blink 182 &Mayday Parade music like nobody's business. Ohgosh, &don't even let me get started on You Had me at Six. They're just all fantastic for music. I reccomend them deeply.
I'm also currently reading a book- The Fault in our Stars by John Green. It's truly fantastic. I've even started quoting it. People officially think I'm insane. ^.^
I'm playing the guitar, although, I wouldn't say I'm quite excellent yet! There's absolutely room of improvement for me, I can assure you. No worries, if I get famous over my dramatically-amazing guitar playing, I'll be sure to say your name at the Grammys, or, uh, wherever musicians get their really cool awards. ♥
As for Tim, I have been talking to him. We're still flirting &such, but I have to remember that he has a girlfriend. Well, HE has to remember that he has a girlfriend, because he's the one that constantly flirts. I don't understand it, though, because he really likes his girlfriend, always touching her &kissing her face. They seem as if they're in love. I don't get why he needs to pull this crap with me. But aye, I kinda like it. Puts a smile on my face in a weird type of way. ♥
OHMYGOD. That boy at the hockey party sounds so freaking cute. You gotta tell me if anything more happens with him. Just so adorable. Sounds like he has a way with words; you've got a smooth dude. ;)
He obviously wants your D. I mean, how could he not? I know I do. ;)
Or am I?
I wish you the very best with that boy, I hope you two end up dating or something. Then I'll shove flowers &wedding rings into your buttholes. ♥
Come on Witty so we can talk! Check it like, every five seconds this week, because I'll most likely reply within like, a day all this week. This is going to be quite fantastic. ^.^
Let me know if anything else has happened between you &the boy! I'd love to know his name! That way I could fangirl about how great it sounds with yours. ^>^
Or just things in general. Just gossip about everything. That's what I do.
See you soon♥
Snowflakes113 9 years ago
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Hello my lovely follower! Just letting you know I posted an intro to my new story "Discovering Destiny" so check it out if you haven't already/if you want to! Thank you (:
Ralph* 9 years ago
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Gawsh come on here more often, you're missing out &I might have a ridiculous story to tell you or something(;
As for me, this is the weirdest thing, I have not been any less attracted to guys at the moment. I mean, yeah sure, I think that they're cute, like, tons of them, but none that I can actually say,
"omg yeah i like em i wanna bang them down the stairs and not care about getting in a coma as long as i was having a good time"
But yeah, none of that going on. Except for there's this boy named Tim, &he's the locker next to me, and he likes to make fun of me a lot, but he has a girlfriend, so I don't really know what he's trying to do. And when I put my hand on his locker handle, he'll clamp on with a gentle feeling, but strong enough to keep me from pulling away, and asdfghjkl. He's just perfect, but I haven't done that in a while. No need to be flirting with a taken boy. (;
I've also started up guitar lessons, which I'm extremely excited about. I love it. I can sense my intelligence growing already. <3

Andd myy Tumblr URL is on my profile! Just click the little Tumblr icon and it'll be there for ya. :D
Ralph* 9 years ago
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Lover, how are you?! Anything new in school? ANY CUTE BOYS DROPPING AT YOUR FEET?! Love stories just waiting to happen? I'm invited to the wedding, right? Ohmawgawd, must must tell me all the wonderful news that I'm dying to know about. Loveyouuu<3
Ralph* 9 years ago
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Hopefully you didn't leave witty. But I reblog everything from you on Tumblr.
MUAH. <3
Lauren🌸* 9 years ago
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hey beautiful c:
SophieFayee 9 years ago
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sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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Awkward moment when you didn't even know I was gone o.O
I missed you all so much! It was horrible without you! & today, when I got home, I was like YOU AND ME WITTY, TILL DEATH DO US PART.
Well, obviously, I'm here on your gracious profile to tell you that I have uploaded (:
I also made a song up, ready... It's 5 o'clock in the morning, *enter guys name* got h0rney. *enter girls name* said she was going to bed soon, so *enter guys name* snuck into her bedroom and they had all night until they heard their mamas come upstairs!
Hehehhheee, my fail of making up a song-thingy (:
But doesn't matter cause I have Witty!
Bye lovely! <3
Ralph* 1 decade ago
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Psh, are you kidding? I'd never forget about messaging you, you're way too perfect to be forgotten about! <3
Okay, I strongly believe that My Strange Addiction is just a bunch of ridiculously amazing actors just striving to make a living off doing something stupid. Or... really sick, twisted people that enjoy drinking pee. But hey, I mean, if that's what you're into these days... What a lovely generation we live in, ehhh? ;) I remember this one episode, where this lady was addicted to eating couch cushion. It was insane! Just eating all that cushion. Yuuuuuummm. ;) By the way, did you end up buying anything from the 1D store? Or was it just too far-out, ridiculously expensive to even think of doing such a thing? Where was it? Asdfghjkl I'd love to know. xD
Ohmygosh, that's crazy! I can't believe you survive all of that cold, asdfghjkl if I were to live there I'd be like, "No. Get me to the Bahamas right now." I'd truly like a pair of new Uggs this Christmas... I must add it to my wish list! What else are you hoping for this Christmas? I'd also really like a really stylish bicycle. One that I an drive around in &be super cool. ;) Hmm... &other than that, I'm stuck. Ohwell. ^.^ &You? <3 Any wonderous Christmas gifts that you'd like? <3
My brother is actually younger, which is probably why they gave up Russian with him, because I guess it must have been pretty hard to teach me both English&Russian all at once. &That's amazing how you can read German, maybe you could get your other relatives to teach you to speak it, &then you'd be a beast Canadian-German-English speaker. ;) I heard that you guys can also learn French, but not a lot of it. Is the only French-speaking country in Canada, Quebec? Or are there any more French-Canadian parts? <3
OMG. Okay, so I figured I should tell you this now, because I don't wanna hide it anymore, but I'm friends with the cutest Canadian boys ever. I met them on Omegle, &they're super perfect, &they're the reason why I want to go to Canada for my birthday. We oovoo everyday, &it's just so much fun have long-distance internet friends now. Especially from Canada. They're perfect!!! ASDFGHJKL<3
Screw diets, diets suck, especially when I have no motivation. I'm chewing on Nutella &Hershey's bars right now. Wooppsss. &Anyways, I hope you better get a ticket to the very next dance, becuase I hear that dances in Canada are super fun, especially at the schools, &the only "dance" I have this year is a banquet, &that's not until the end of the school year! So you better dance all out &make new friends &dance with a lotta booyss! ;) <3
Asdfghjl you're perfection, can't wait for your next comment, love youuu baaabyy<3<3<3
Ralph* 1 decade ago
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AAAAH! Okay, I'm so glad that I caught you right here, because I haven't messaged you in forever... well, in fact, I haven't messaged anyone in forever, so I'm trying to catch up on all my comments &be amazing &a superhero like that, because Iloveyou &everyone else who talks to me on witty, especailly you. So, we shall now start catching up, &you better reply<3
How was the One Direction store? Did you ever end up going? I'd love to hear about that wonderful adventure, because I'm sure it was pretty darn fabulous. :D
Oh, &guess what? So, I'm trying to convince my parents to let me go to Canada for my birthday. I'm so excited. It'll literally be the best birthday present ever if they ever decide to let me go. I already have a hotel that I want to go into &everything. Omg I'm just so pumped. It's on Ontario, right near Niagara Falls, so that I can pee in it &then take a water bottle &then make sure I send it to you so that you will forever have my pee &niagra falls. You should feel so special. ;) &Then I'll become really famous;) asdfghjkl;) _______________________________________________
OMG GUESS WHAT?! IT'S UGG SEASON. I'm so excited to finally be breaking out the boots. As soon as I saw that it got really cold I was like,
"No way. No way."
I slipped on my Uggs &then boom, instantly had a bunch of swag. It was amazing.; ) Do you have your Uggs on yet? I hear that it's really cold in Canada already. :3
Stay warm! <3
I wasn't born in Russia, but everyone in my family was. My brother&I were born in America, but my parents &relatives are born in Russia. It's quite interesting, because I know how to speak Russian too. Strangely, my brother doesn't. (O.O)
Do you know how to speak any languages? I hear that in Canada, you guys are really lucky, because I hear that in high school you guys can learn all bunch of fancy languages. :D I wanna learn French to communicate with everyonee in Canada. That'd be the most useful thing ever! =D
Now, boy-wise, I have no onee anymore, it's kinda funny. And everyone-wise except for the people on witty, I legit have no oneeee, soo I just kinda just sit on witty&tumblr &twitter and I like to pretend I have a life. ;)
What about you? There are like, the cutest boys in Canada ever &I can't believe you don't have a boyfriend or a guy that's swept you off your feet yett. Too perf. <3
&As for my weight, I gained it all back. I eat way too much because I just think I can eat whenever I want now &since no one really cares about me anymore I'm just kinda like, "Whaateverrrrrrr" soo I'm just gonna eat and not care about what people think. :p
Aasdfghjkl you're so perf, it's not even funnyyy. Iloveyeeeww! <3
&Did you have a Halloween dance, perhaps? <3
Tell all, tell all, beautiful<3 I'm just so excited to hear about everything that's going on with you lately<3

Omg ok commeent me soon because I miss you adios &love you a lot byebyeybye<3
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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She's so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Janis Ian. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It's so embarrassing. I don't even... Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Kyle who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to Indiana, and Janis was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow her off to hang out with Kyle, she'd be like, "Why didn't you call me back?" And I'd be like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" So then, for my birthday party, which was an all-girls pool party, I was like, "Janis, I can't invite you, because I think you're lesbian." I mean I couldn't have a lesbian at my party. There were gonna be girls there in their bathing suits. I mean, right? She was a LESBIAN. So then her mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so retarded. And then she dropped out of school because no one would talk to her, and she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was cut off and she was totally weird, and now I guess she's on crack.
So, I thought that was very appropriate because I'm . Nope, still not appropriate but I swear, you can trust n o b o d y anymore. I feel like everybody hates me && a few days ago, I heard a few girls talking about me. The girls who are supposed to be some close friends. RAWR. Guess not.
I needed to get that out, excuse my rant hehehhehee
I think just about every body does. You know it came out in 2004...
BEWARE OF THE PLASTICS, Y'ALL! Tomorrow, at school, I'm having a pink-mufti day. I wish it was Wednesday, not Friday... that would be EPIC.
Okey dokey, a new chapter is up -- or maybe it isn't ;) You never know, you might go to my profile and be like -.- because you went there & I hadn't actually uploaded.
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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Thannkkss, beautiful <3
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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That song reminds me when I was in like year 5 and we were singing that song as a performance in music and one of my friends sang the ' ON THE BEACH' bit. Yeah... the teacher got the sh/ts and we didn't win :(
Hmm... what are some good songs? Like... I need more for my phone and can't decide... any suggestions?
It's really really hot today and tomorrow, I'm going down the coast where I have a beach house! Yahh! That means no uploading, so I'm not going to be uploading until Monday when I go back to school.
So, chapter 5 is up (: It's boring but the next chapters to come are going to start getting interesting. Andi is going to America after all c;
I need your help, I want to find an actress or something. It can be a singer, actress, model or just some random... it can even be you to play Jesses girl. Hehhehee, that's a song. Anywayss, you know like the girl Jesse has been seen with? Yeah her.
Thankyou all so much for all the support, I've got over 1700 followers thanks to you and am getting 300 faves on my chapters. That means heaps to me *hugs through internet*
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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Suppidy dup!
...that sounded WAY cooler in my head and now that I'm reading it again, it sounds weird but I'll keep it there anyway.
So, I uploaded chapter four of I Met Him On Omegle, make sure you commmennnttt (:
Hm... what to say, what to say. Well, I met this guy on Witty ;) Me and a couple of friends went on Skype with him. He had a really, really, really hot friend and they were American but the original guy was a d/ck.
What a boring story.
I'd be a horrible story teller.
In my primary school, we used to do this thing called 'Circle Time.' The teacher would ask a question and we all had to answer it when we held the ball which was past around. The question was usually something deep.
Question: *enter dramatic question here*
Me: *Answers dramatically* ((hands ball to you))
You: *Answer with some inspirational quote*
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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Heyheyhey! c:
Well, it is 11:34am on Saturday in Sydney, Australia. It is 21 degrees Celsius and the wind is coming at 37km/h. Today, the temperate is going to get to 24 degrees Celsius and will go as low as 9 degrees Celsius at night. Thanks for listening, I'm Maria. Stay tune for more daily weather forecasts.
That was a fun fact, wasn't it?
Okay, so maybe you didn't need to know that but if one of you live in Sydney, Australia at least you know the weather! (:
I could like, never ever been a weather reporter. Or I could do mean girls style.
"Its 60 degrees and theirs a 30% chance that its already raining." *feels boob*
New chapter's up, lovely
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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Why, thank you gorgeous (:
sugarfreak 1 decade ago
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You really shouldn't wear makeup. You're messing with perfection!
If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don't worry I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.
It's a good thing that I have my library card. Why? Because I am totally checking you out!!
Is your dad an art thief? Because you're a masterpiece.
If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard.
I've got skittles in my mouth, wanna taste the rainbow?
I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!
Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here.

I bet you guys are getting flustered from Marios amazing pick up line skills or whatever you'd call them.
That or you're like, 'D-I-N-O-S-A, you are a dinosaur.An O-L-D man, you're just an old man. Hitting on me, what? You need a CAT scan. Old man, why are you staring at me Mac on me and my friends, it's kind creepy. You should be prowling around the old folks home. Come on dude, leave us alone.
Yeepp... uh, so there isn't a new chapter or maybe there is ;) I'm not telling mwahhhhaaahhhhaaa
Byyee (:
** If you want a reminder you have to keep commenting, sorry, it's just easier for me :)
Julidanika 1 decade ago
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You seem really nice and cool! :)