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I am 15. I go to GHS. I love to hang with friends and go to the mall the movies and go for walks.I love to listen to music. Music helps me relax when I am mad or aggravated. I can be crazy when I am hyper.I love to drink Monster energy drinks.My favorite color is Pink and Baby Blue.

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I love this boy so much. He is sweet and amazing and I am just glad to be dating him. He is just the best thing ever! I really love him to death. He means the world to me and If anything ever happened to him I would be really sad. I am so glad that he asked me out. He means the world to me and I never want to see him hurt by any one.I love you


Taylor Lautner is so friggggin hot!!!!!! <3
Can't get over the fact that he is so hot and he got abs!! :)

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