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I am 15. I go to GHS. I love to hang with friends and go to the mall the movies and go for walks.I love to listen to music. Music helps me relax when I am mad or aggravated. I can be crazy when I am hyper.I love to drink Monster energy drinks.My favorite color is Pink and Baby Blue.

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Be who you want to be not what others want to see
and I just wish I could curl up in his arms forever & have all my problems disappear.


So i know i `m young, but i `m head over heels in love with you.




Favorite this for something amazing.

Check your comments, real soon. (:

  |           You `re     t h e    a pple    t o     my    pie,          ||          You `re    t he    st  r aw     to    my     b er ry
You`re   t he  SM0KE  to  my  high
You`re   t he  one  i  want   to  marry




Baby I love you.


i got my boy back. <3

I wonder what
goes through your
mind, when

you hear

my name.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If someone is stuck
In your head... maybe
They are suppose to be there<3
This quote does not exist.