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vvI absolutely love these songs, no doubt about it.vv
WOODKID ft. LYKKE LI "Never Let You Down" - YouTube
Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Single version) - YouTube


Hi. I'm Ave. Unless you prefer to call me Avey.
I'll respond to Tris too.
I am a teenager. Obviously.
I'm in love with Divergent. Insurgent movie inspired my haircut.
I am taken as of 10/24/14 
I'm not as depressed as I used to be.
My smile isn't fake anymore.
I know amazing people and I am greatful to be their friends.
Sure, I'm quiet, but it's only because I'm thinking.
Music is my freaking life. Any song I tell you to listen to, it's my emotions.
I watch a bunch of french movies. I also take french.
I don't remember when I have been this happy.
I am in love.
I have a few friends as well who I am thankful for.

Those Few Would Be:

-My Boyfriend
-And that's about all.

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Quotes Lyric Wrote For Me

And also;
Just know this.

I love you! Even if I don't know you, I certainly care for you. So please, put down those 

pills, razor blades, and any other harmful items. Leave a comment below on my page or 

message me if you're feeling down. I get on more than you might think, and I'll reply

ASAP. <3 Thank you for understanding, I hope.

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