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 My Name is Taylor Jean. I own the date April 16, as my birthday. I cannot live without friends family and music.
My Friends and Family are the best<# i love them all with all my heart
I am addicted to facebook...

 Amazing People...
and more comment if i left chu out :]
Status... Going to skype with my cousin in Afghanistan soon<3



Quotes by skigrl741

A friend is like the north star, you look to them when you lose your way


Me and my besties rule the dancing world at midnight


Guys lets do what steve asked and not swear...

Idk what id do without witty


Today me and myBoyfriend

-were talking, he said if i wanted us to have a longlating relationship until we're married hes completely fine with it-
this made my day<3


He asked me out
 I finally said yes after all these years...


follow me, i follow back:) - love, jimmy365


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I Thought i was ending 2011 single...
last night he asked me out


kissing test
1.hold you breath add a quote
3.copy and past this quote
4.good now if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser


My Bestfriend is AMAZING

iily iceskater103


When Dorothy comes and asks you to go see the Wizard of OZ...

Say yes so you can get a heart and a brain



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do you know what your quotes might have caused?
people come on here to escape...
and you make it hell...
well heres a piece of advice...
stop making these horrid quotes!
the only reason u made top quotes was because you had so many comments on that quote you made...

its not pretty im just mad all mine