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Hi! I'm not that good at these... I usually ramble on and on, but I'll keep this short and sweet. Here goes:

I am a girl. I love to write. I love to read (like, all the time). I like to think I am creative and imaginative, but I don't know. I like to sing! I daydream ALL THE TIME.
I am absolutely, positively, unconditionally in love with music. Without music, I'd DIE.
I love food. Like, tons. I mean, who doesn't?
I list eating as a hobby ;) but don't worry, I'm still skinny. :P
My best friend EVER is Molly, but my second best friend is Vivi. :)

Aaaaaaandd that's it! Byee, loves!


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skillermiller101 7 years ago
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fjkhdaguhagb yeah i did
fluorescent adolescent* 7 years ago
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sfjsjfsdjfaufhskjf you made a witty