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Hey! I'm a crazy thirteen year old named Sydney. I live in the boring Old Line State. I'm going through a rough time isn't enough to explain what I'm going through, cause I've gone to hell and back. I belong to the Jew Crew ;)! i lovee my friends.  Xximalittlemonkeyxx   ilovestars,  and bazfifi are my girls!  I love 1D but Liam and Niall are my faves! I <3 dogs!! chocolate covered strawberries are my life. If you want to get to know me just comment and i'll write you back ASAP! i always love to make new friends on  here! so comment me for that too! Love you and and follow me! <3 maybe! You're beautiful! mwah! My wattpad is it out! <3


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this is 100% vent, don't read if you don't want to.. it's 100% personally me.
As I sit here, watching my parents start going through the official divorce papers it hurts so bad I can't even begin to put it to words. It's like one seconds we were a happy, peacful family then the next I had two houses and my parnets were in relations ships of their own. They had warned me and my brother about this. It started with them sleeping in separate beds. My mom started finding a town house near where we lived, so my brother and I didn't have to start over. While my dad worked on getting our hosue sold. After three months of staying at my grandparents he finally found a town house of his own, 20 minutes away from where our lives were. Of course at the begining i refused to go past my house, being scared that I'd break down into tears.. I eventually did. It was hard, seeing another family in the house I grew up in. In the house that held most of the memories of my life. I have made new memories where I live now but i grew up in that house, and I knew every single inch of it by heart. I enventually moved on, since it has been a year since we moved. Because of where we live, my parents have to not live in the same house for a year to file a divorce. That year is past up and the papers are almost signed, but I always wonder what life would be like if my mom did warn us, in any way. If she just got up and left my dad, brother, and me for a year so that the  divorce could file and we could continue to live out our lives in the same house, without her. I have now  noticed she would never do that to me or my brother, but it took way too long to see it. I admit, the divorce has been hard. From having the tell all my friends why they had to come to a different house during the weekends, or why I moved out of my old house. Those months when everything was happening was hard. but now I'm here, typing this now. It think it's better  for my familt this way. They're both happy now. that big change influenced other in my life. The people who left sure are gone, and I don't regret letting them go. I have the people in my life that matter most to me, and that's all that matters. I hope this didn't do anything to affect anyone's view on my for the worse, I just hope someone sees me as a lot stronger than I seem to be on the outside. Thank you for reading if you did, but I'm finally a teenager since yesterday. I'm so past sick of being a kid. i'm having my bat mitzvah soon and I hope that help the process of become more mature in a sense. I'm praying that 8th grade will be better than 7th. I have a feeling it will be. Thank you to everyone who's stayed by me, from my parents, to my best friends Baylee, Laura and Riley. Thank you to everyone but I finally feel accepted, I finally feel like me.



I usually don't make these kinds of quotes
but I really want  to tell you guys!
I'm starting a story, on wattpad
and I really want some reads for this one
so could you guys go to
and read the first two chapters of my story, and give me feedback! It would mean a lot! :)



This is probably
the worst birthday ever.



Why does it have to be like this?

why do you still stay on my mind?


I don't get
Why no one listens anymore


Me watching t.v. late at night
Me: i love this show
Me: stupid commercial
Me: this is a kid's channel, why do we need to learn about cleaning supplies
Me:i love chocolate
Me: Cause I wanna whiten my teeth
Me:Awh a cute little baby song
Me: that baby is so cu-
Me: *spazzes to find the remote.*
Me: *cant find it*


 I wish I had
Even the slightest chance with you



Why does it have to be this way?
Why do my mixed emotions keep holding me back?

Dear music,
you got me through it all

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I can't help it if
you're the only one for me

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