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Hey! I'm a crazy thirteen year old named Sydney. I live in the boring Old Line State. I'm going through a rough time isn't enough to explain what I'm going through, cause I've gone to hell and back. I belong to the Jew Crew ;)! i lovee my friends.  Xximalittlemonkeyxx   ilovestars,  and bazfifi are my girls!  I love 1D but Liam and Niall are my faves! I <3 dogs!! chocolate covered strawberries are my life. If you want to get to know me just comment and i'll write you back ASAP! i always love to make new friends on  here! so comment me for that too! Love you and and follow me! <3 maybe! You're beautiful! mwah! My wattpad is it out! <3


Quotes by skittelgal810



It's just a lesson that we've learned


I hate to admit it but I miss you
no matter how stupid you are or how much I don't want to admit it,
I really, truely, honestly, completely, miss you. 


She has a way with words
That makes you feel like the bad person
even though she's the one to blame

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We need to stop all of this
I have a feeling no one is going to see this
and by me saying this nothing will change
but here it goes, On January 28th in 2011
I joined Witty and I thought it was the best
everyone was nice to each other, there
 were rarely any fights about anything back
then. The only fights were when people
knew each other in real life. As I kept
coming back on witty got worse. By 2012
we were hopeless. We started judging.
We started to make people want to die.
Our get away from stress became our
source of stress. Just because you don't
like nutella, 1D, or approve of gay
marriage you're told to go die.
The majority of the people on witty
already have that thought in their
heads, so now we enforce it?
We all need to grow up and get
a grip because sooner or later
witty is gonna be shut down
and we'll be the ones to blame
you can judge me all you want
all rude comments will be
laughed at then deleted. We need
to make Witty a better place or it
won't exist anymore.


format by neversaynever16

I'm done with crying over..
I'm done with lying over..
I'm done giving second tries to..
I'm done with worrying about..
I'm done with hearing fake stories..
I'm done with getting fed lies from..
I'm done with all the drama because of..
I'm done with stressing about..
I'm done with..
you..So I'm gonna stop crying, lying, trying, worrying, hearing, and stressing
and start having fun, dancing, swimming, tanning, giggling, skipping,
falling, grooving, and hanging out with my friends
Cause I now know whats right and wrong and I'm happy about it!
I'm excited for it! I'm gonna be me and no one is going to stop me
not even you.

You built me then you broke me
and I can't forgive you for that anymore

but it takes a great deal  



Once apon a time I thought she was evil and she was innocent
but now my fairy tales have been turned upside down
because I know the truth now..




No one is stopping me except for myself.




I'm happy again, things have finally gotten better and I think I'm gonna wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and I'm so excited for it :)



Kind of a song?
I named it unbreakable

she was a strong girl
a little over confident
she had her opinions 
she was the tough kind
that little twinkle in her eyes
until you broke her
sweet girl, kind girl
she's fragile
innocent, insecure
she's broken
trying not to cry
you broke her
you broke the unbreakable girl
Her smile stayed plastered on
as she tries not to break down
she tries to hold back the tears
Her life falls apart as
you watch and laugh at the girl
who barely wants to be alive
sweet girl, kind girl
she's fragile
innocent, insecure
she's broken
trying not to cry
you broke her
you broke the unbreakable girl
stand back and watch as this girl breaks
this is more than she can take
you can't help her now
that girl that you used to know
she's gone, out the window
she won't come back now, cause
sweet girl, kind girl
she's fragile
innocent, insecure
she's broken
trying not to cry
you broke her
you broke the unbreakable 
sweet girl, kind girl,
innocent, and insecure
you broke the unbreakable girl
but it takes a great deal  
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