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Hey! I'm a crazy thirteen year old named Sydney. I live in the boring Old Line State. I'm going through a rough time isn't enough to explain what I'm going through, cause I've gone to hell and back. I belong to the Jew Crew ;)! i lovee my friends.  Xximalittlemonkeyxx   ilovestars,  and bazfifi are my girls!  I love 1D but Liam and Niall are my faves! I <3 dogs!! chocolate covered strawberries are my life. If you want to get to know me just comment and i'll write you back ASAP! i always love to make new friends on  here! so comment me for that too! Love you and and follow me! <3 maybe! You're beautiful! mwah! My wattpad is it out! <3


Quotes by skittelgal810

I don't know
who to believe anymore


format credit to OneDirection
Just block the world out with music 


Useless Facts #2
The space on your arm inbetween your elbow and your wrist is as big as your foot.


 If it isn't love  
then why do I feel 
this way?
Why does he stay
on my mind? 


I love you too much right now
I miss you too much right now
I need you too much right now
I'd love to know you're okay
I need to know that you're okay
Please be okay, cause I couldn't
live with myself if you aren't.
We love you so much and all
I need is for you to be okay right now

but it takes a great deal  

You're  not sorry? okay.
But you're going to regret it.


format credit to OneDirection

I don't understand
why people can't enjoy
different music and bands
at one time. Just get used
to the fact that not everyone
is going to like what you like,
and move on with your life.


but it takes a great deal  

If you hate drama so much
then stop starting  it.


no matter how mad I am, I have to admit
She's has to be extremely intelligent
to pull something like that




you're oblivious
to the fact that you do these things to yourself

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