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Periods are so un-predictable!!
One day you can be totally fine, the next you can wake up with your bed sheets looking like the Japanese flag!!
This quote does not exist.
Please read! ♥
I'm seriously considering starting to work on writing a book and trying to get it published, but before I start I wanted to tell you all my idea for it and see if anyone would actually be interested in reading it, that way I don't waste my time if it it, in fact, a terrible idea.
Well here's the plot idea:
A young man wakes up in the hospital with no memory of anything. The doctor then explains to him that he has been in a coma for several months and as soon as he is cleared to leave he will be taken into federal custody. For serial murder. The man, having lost all memory of the last five years of his life, is shocked. He couldn't possibly have murdered anyone, let alone several people. He is completely convinced of his innocence. The book will then follow his trial and his desperate attempts to recall his memories and prove his innocence.
So please comment below if you'd be interested in reading a book like this. Also, I'm thinking about writing a shorter story for Witty so comment any ideas you have that I could write about or what genre of story I should do.
Thanks so much lovelies!
Favorite this quote if.. You're in the middle of heartbreak.

You're battling cancer.

You've lost a friend.

You've changed this year.

You think you're ugly, worthless, and imperfect.

You've been bullied this year.

You've been cheated on.

Someone in your family has died.

Something has happened this year that has changed things forever.

You've gotten major surgery this year.

You're depressed.

  Favorite this quote if..

you're going through something that no one could
ever understand and you feel so alone sometimes, and
so worthless. Favorite this quote, and I'll be there for you.
I started to like this guy, so I started to hang around with him and his mates, made alot of new friends, but there's this one guy. He flirts with me alot, and  I recently started to see that he is quite cute. Hes funny. Kind. Sweet. Thoughtful. But he's not goodlooking, and I dont even care, because I fell in love with 'him'. All because of the guy I used to like.....<3
Fave if this has happened to you...
This quote does not exist.

ou know you're a dancer when...
Your leg automatically goes up to a 180angle when you bend over to pick something up.

I hate when people say depression is beautiful. How is it beautiful?
How is my uncle's suicide beautiful? How is my cousin's suicide beautiful? How is my grandfather's death beautiful? How is what my mother suffered from beautiful? How is what I am suffering from beautiful? How is the cutting of my own skin beautiful? How is the hospitalization of multiple of friends with beautiful? How is any sort of self harm beautiful? How are eating disorder's beautiful? How is potential drug addiction beautiful? How is potential alcoholism beautiful? How is waking up and wish you hadn't beautiful? How are suicides beautiful? How are suicide attempts beautiful? How is cutting yourself off from the people who care about you beautiful? How is hating yourself beautiful? How is wishing you were dead beautiful?
How is any of this f.cking "beautiful"? Pllease, someone explain this to me?
For whatever we lose,
   it is always ourselves
      we find in the sea.