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I am deleting this account due to a glitch or something in my profile!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Steve I hope you see this and fix it

I will probably wait forever but,
Is this ever going anywhere
Are you ever going to make the first move
Are we going to fall in love
Are you going to fix me
And are you going to give me that happy ending I desprateratly need?
 Woo! I'm single!
   *one day later*
    I need a boyfriend now!
Me; Hi
Him; Guess what
Me; What?
Him; I have been thining about it and I am almost positive I like you
Me; *Dies*
Just say I am sorry and I would forgive you in a heartbeat.
Just make the effort to call me.
Going to bed without his "Goodnight beautiful" texts tonight
"I'm trying to let you hear me as I am"
                                                   ~Sara Bareilles
Really guys? Stop cutting yourselfs. I understand you are upset and things have happened to you that you don't deserve but take all of that depression, stress, and disbelief and turn it into motivation. Slowly destroying your body isn't going to change what happened or stop what is happening. Cutting yourself just shows everybody that you are to weak to handle your issues. You blame your problems on the world and then destroy the bodies you have been blessed with. I am saying this to help you, not hurt you.

(don't report this I could have just saved a life)
    I don't belive in god,

  So i pray to Taco Bell
I am so afriad to fall in love with you.
I have been hurt to many times to trust anyone.