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Person! I'm creeping on you!
I'm a Poptart not a person!

 Poptarts don't have hands to type!
Well this Poptart does, that's not the only thing I use my hands for ;)

Your a discuting Poptart!
I'm not a Poptart....




Go ahead. Keep cheating on your girlfriend, 

with me. 

But I don't keep secrets, and I don't lie. <3




Love is for the

I dont need it!


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Scared ohHeartbreak
My life
So lost

Can't you see how bad this is hurting me?
I'm not able to handle this amount of pain!

Akward moment;;
  when a comercial comes on forgetting what show your watching.

Mistaken Love
We continued to make-out on his couch. I knew what this was leading to and i'm ok with it because I know I can trust Brandon with this. He began to glide his hands down the side of my body to take my shirt off. He stopped and looked up at me,
"Not here."
We continued kissing but he was carrying me up to his room. As I layed on his bed reality hit me square in the face, I know what's happening and I am unsure about it. That was my last thought before he took off his pants, I quickly ripped mine off and before I knew it, it was actually happening. Now it's about 11:30 p.m, this is the weirdest thing i've ever felt I could laugh and cry because I know that things now are going to be different and this changes people. This will not brake us apart though I wont let it. When it was over Brandon took a shower and I began to doze off until I heard the shower turn off. He walked out with a terrified look on his face and said, "We forgot somthing! "
Oh shizz!!! How could this possibly happen how could I forget to ask about the most important thing know to mankind?? I had gotten my period the week before meaning i'm able to get pregnant now more than ever!
"Please be kidding!"

Mistaken Love

chapter 8
             Today is my birthday but my mom is out of town for the week on a business trip so i'm staying over Brandon's house for the night (aproved by my mother). First I must face school and all of the happy faces and "happy birthdays!!!". I'm just worried about Brandon he  has been going on and on about how I'm going to love my presant and how much he wishes I love it.
            That day he drove me to his house and we sat on his couch and watched my favorite movies, The Blind Side and Grease. most of the time though we spent talking and kissing and holding hands. His parents weren't home either this weekend because of a family emergancy, which Brandon says is just his aunt getting a D.U.I. so they have to stay for the weekend to make sure she is 'ok'.
             "You want your presant now?" Brandon says extatically.
            "You really didnt need to get me anything i'm have been fine just being here with you."
              "To bad your getting it anyways! :)"
           He pulled out a small perfectly wrapped purple box. For once in a long time I actually got excited about a gift! I quickly opened it with a smile I could hardly contain. It was a silver ring with a deep purple circular stone in the middle and two small dimonds on each side. It was glistening off of the dimmed lights. I put it down on the table and started to kiss him and we eventually layed down on the couch... still kissing.
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