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Hey there beautiful,
My name is Skosha, im 14
and I live in New York.
Im a freshman.
Im in a relationship with the best guy in the world. 8-24-12;*
I have been through a lot
& He has helped me through it!
I have 2 bestfriends. They have been there sense day one. & I couldn't ask for anything more. I have been through 1 heart break, with a different guy that I was with for a year and a half but, i'm over him and i'm happy with my life now;*

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Quotes by skoshaannex3

So today,
 my science teacher
 ripped his pants. 

 He didnt realize it but he sure knew when me and my best friend died laughing.

Theres a difference between wearing make up and looking like you just got gang banged by crayola.

2011 VMAS.
Selena got to interview her boyfriend.
Beyonce said she was prego.
Lady Gaga was a man & said she touched herself to Brittney Spears.
Justin Bieber didnt clap for anyone but Chris Brown 
Chris Brown learned to fly.
To top it off Lady Gaga was drunk on stage.

What has this world come to?

My sister just asked who Irene was.

I sometimes sit and wonder.
"I still love him, don't I ?"


When you miss 11:11
it's a sign you already got everything you need.