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Haii .-. I'm Dayna
i'm 16
I'm everything but an ordinary girl, I have the most awesomest wittybest friend
ever, His name is Tyler(: he's adorable and cute, Dont deny it Ty. 
His witty name is IamTheMessiah, I could literally go on about
how awesome and cutee(: he is. I'm taken by Georgie cutest  guy in the world
<3 I'm A nice girl when and If you decide to

get to know me, But if you piss me off you won't want  to know me much longer after that.
If you need someone to talk to about anything, just comment, and i'm sure i'll
get back to you. If I say i'm not pretty I mean it, It doesn't mean i'm fishing for
Compliments. If you follow me I follow back(: 
Well, I'll end it here, If you want to know more, Just ask(:


Quotes by skybella555

Am I the only one on here who still likes Black veil Brides? 

I'm not werid

I'm gifted

(My quote)

Hi this quote is so boring i bet you aren't even going to give it a second look. :D Thank you for your non exsistent time.

We all make promises
we can't keep.



♥ ♥ ♥

When someone says don't touch me

so you slowly poke  them with your finger 

Just me ^_^

Normal wittian: My dream is to get a top quote
Me:Yeah my dream is to get a boyfriend but i know that  ain't happenin anytime soon.


Chapter  6

Anna's P.O.V

I walked on to the sand, just letting it sink in between my toes.
"Well we came here to talk, and no one's talking" i said simply.
"Well Anna, i know you probably won't believe me, but Chris is only 
being nice to you because of a..  uhmm."
"A what Luke?"
"A bet" he said 
"No he's not you are acting like.. like UGH!"
i then stormed off.
Luke ran after me, and grabbed my hand.
"Anna i'm not lying i over heard him and his friend making it why would i lie?"
i couldn't think of any answers at the moment.
I didn't answer.
We sat down on the shore,
Luke an I were watching  the sun set.
I felt  Luke's beautiful chocolate brown eyes watching me,
I looked over at him  and he leaned in and so did i
and his soft lips landed on mine,
and there goes the fireworks.
We pulled away and interwined our fingers.
Luke pulled me over and locked his arms around my waist.
We swayed back and fourth. 
The we had to go.
"Time to go ae?"
"Yeah" I yawned.
We hopped in the car and we started driving home.

Luke's P.O.V

"Yes Luke"
"Are you still mad at me?"
"No luke" she said as she continued staring at the road ahead.
"Yes Anna"
"Why did you kiss me"
"Because why?"  she questioned.
"Because..I love you, and have loved you since i layed eyes on you thats why"
she sighed.
We arrived at her house and she jumped out.
"Night  Anna sweet dreams"
"Night Luke, you too."
Anna's P.O.V

Part of me liked him and part of me didn't know.
I didn't know.
No one ever likes me. But mabey that has changed.
Did i like Luke or did i not.
I actually think i love him. 
I sighed.




Mate ya dreamin! 

You shouldn't call Justin Bieber Gay... 

It's offencive to gays  

Admit it
When you're skyping,

You look at your picture more.