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HACKED! this is you hon this chick is amazing and destined to be an incredible woman. if you dont follow i will send my gang after you!omg 
 Hi I'm Skyla. In the picture, that's me on the right..yup:D
Well, I don't really know where to start so I'll just start off with my obssession with One Direction, they honestly are an amazing band, I love their music, and they are VERY about me...
I'm in 7th grade, I enjoy it most of the time, other than constant drama. It gets so bad at my school the drama turns into civil wars. But aannyyway, I play softball, basketball, and im retiring from soccer lol. I also kind of have a weird wish that I lived in the 1950s. or 1920s. either way. I don't really know why. 
 uuhm, my friends, i love them soo much. They are so fun to be around and we have lots and lots of inside jokes, so if you have no idea what we're talking about, don't bother, you wouldn't understand:p
Although I seem real funny and I'm always joking around, I feel really lonely at times..


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Quotes by skylababe101

everybody just make poop <3
in your eyes hes just another boy. but to me, hes my everything.

in boring classes,


I always improve my drawing skills.

pretending to look for your homework even

  even though you know you didn't do it.


is harry actually dating cara develigne?


saddest thing ever: ASPCA commercials.

They say "money can't buy happiness."


OK "inspirational" quote, are you telling me I can't be happy over 1D TICKETS?



would you SEA me?




                                                           SOME WILL UNDERSTAND.


There was a woman and a sketchy man looking at the kids playing in the park.

The woman asked "which one's yours?" with a smile.

He said "I'm not sure, I havn't picked one out yet."






Hey I just met you

and this is crazy

but I have ulcimers

hey I just met you