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I wonder if I have met my husband yet...(:

Come out come out where-ever you aree(;

I need someone who is prepared for
- a million questions
-  uncontrollable laughter
 - my family
- my appetite 
 musical outbursts.
- random dancing
- my friends
 - sad,  happy tears
- deep talks 
- my imagination
  my dreams
- walks in the rain
- random texts
 -  useless arguments 
And acceptance of the real me.  

Guy I don't like: hey beautiful(:
Guy I do like: can i copy your homework?

" Zayn once hugged Harry & told him he was Beautiful,
Louis removed his shoes 
  Hit Zayn with it and said "HAROLD IS MINE!"


format credit to OneDirection

Relatable #1

that risky naked trip from
the bathroom to your

I live in constant fear

Of accidentally mentioning something
I only know about someone
Because I've stalked them online.