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Quotes by ElmosWhoree*

All she wanted was someone to save her,
she never felt like she could save herself. 
And that's the problem with being so dependent,
you always rely on someone else. 
-Skyla Breeann-


Use to believe that I had friends, turns out they were just the voices inside my head.
And at night I'd see them in the shadows on the walls,
making me think that I'm insane, watching me as I fall.
They would tell me things things that my emotional mental being couldn't shake,
making me wish that I wouldn't wake. 
What am I doing to myself , because I don't even know. 
Feeling so lost in my thoughts, feeling all alone. 
I get told that it'll get better, that's what some say anyways. 
But I've felt like this for so long, how will I ever know? 



I feel so lonely most of

the time, and I don't

think that's right.

Watching people be happy ,

and them walk on by .

I wonder if I'll ever be

like that in my life.

Or just sad until the day

I die.


“My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets, but never about the ones with blue eyes and a heartbeat.”
You use to like me, 
You use to want me, 
You use to say and do all of these so wonderful things that
made me fall for all your wrong ways. 
You're not right for me, 
You're so opposite now, 
but I'm so drawn to you that I keep pulling myself down. 
When you don't want to go to sleep because there's a spider on your ceiling.. 


I fell for you like autumn leaves.  


  I  was trying to be a better version of me for you. 

A better version of me for you.. 



I'm sure you've done forgot about every little promise you told me while we looked up at the stars.