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I guess this is the place where I write random things about myself? Okay, so umm I've been on here for a little over three years now. I went through Hell last year. School helped me out a lot though. I love school. It's my escape. I'm in love with music. I play the tuba. I know how to play the euphonium and I kinda sorta maybe know how to play the trombone. Ed Sheeran is my life. I guess I should tell you how old I am...I'm one six. 16. I love Steve and his exsistance. I don't come on Witty as often as I used to. It just isn't the same old Witty it was when I joined. Hannah and Joshua are like my bestest friends ever. They're both very amazing people. I'm sort of into photography. Yep...I'm done typing now. Gotta go listen to some Ed. 
Bye loves <3


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Quotes by smallzx88

Lets get high and forget about the world. 
He says I'm beautiful
I think what hurts the most is when you find someone who you feel is perfect in every unimaginable way. You make sure that you share every waking moment with that person....that person who makes you feel like the most royal princess. And you make plans with that person. Small plans and big plans. You and that person promise each other that you'll one day make those plans become unforgettable memories. You share secrets with that person and tell them your life story, because you trust that person and there's no other person you'd rather share those secrets and stories with. Then, one day, completely out of the blue, that person, that person who made you feel so great about yourself, that person who made you so incredibly happy all the time, and that person who knew more about you than any other person in this world, just cuts you off. They simply say that they just don't feel the same anymore and that friends is all that you two should be. But then after that, they just stop talking to you altogether, as if all the memories you shared, and the plans you promised would happen, all the secrets and stories, just didn't matter anymore. They leave you hanging there, by yourself, not caring whether or not this is what you want. They're just gone. Just like that. But then school comes around and you see this person in the hall and in your class, and you're just hoping that they'll come back to you, regretting their decision. When you see their face, you get the same feeling you get when they first kissed you, or held your hand. What hurts the most, is seeing someone love them, half of what you'd love them.
I take my mother for granted and I hate it. I hate how I talk to her. We can never have a simple conversation. But I hate how mean she used to be to me and I still use it against her. I can't get over it and it's killing our relationship. 

I miss the way you'd steal kisses from my lips...
Realizing that my ex boyfriend, who I totally fell for, started a "thing" with another girl before we broke up, sucks.
You and I,
We were perfect,
Us, together.

The way we talked. 
The way we wakled.
The way we touched.
The way we smiled.

It was perfect.
You were perfect.

I became so lost in you,
And I swear, for a moment,
You had became lost in me too.

I fell for you.
I fell hard and fast.
No one could have stopped me.
You were all that mattered.

No matter how real it felt, 
It was all just a dream.
And when I woke up,
That dream came tumbling down.
Everything shattered. 

Now none of it matters.
Because you're with her, 
And I'm just sitting here,
Watching it unfold.

It kills me.
It kills me to see you,
So perfect,
With someone who wouldn't give half, 
Of what I'd be more than happy to give to you.

There are seven billion people in this crazy world,
And it was you.
It was you who took my breath away,
You who could make me smile at any given second,
You who gave me the greatest, most simple memories.

But now all the times we shared,
The laughs,
The talks,
The smiles,
It's all gone.

You're now just a memory,
And nothing more.
Oh, how I wish I could change that,
But no matter how much I try,
Noting will change.

So for now,
This is it.
You and I,
So perfect,
And now,
So broken.
I truly believe that you will find your way back to me. 
Sometimes reality is hard to face.
Please, don't give up on me...
Because the moment you give up on me,
Will be the moment I give up on myself.