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Hola me llama Bella. I'm coming back to witty, I have a wattpad. Yea I like writing and reading I'm still obsessed with my chemical romance and I'm older now.

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I want you. Like i want coffee in the morning, like how i want blankets and fires during the winter. Want you like i want pillows on my bed. But sometimes we dont have coffee grounds, amd sometimes the fire wood is wet, and sometimes your pillows are dirty. So i guess i will wait for them. Just like ill wait for you.
Most of you people will be like oh its just a regular day not to me this is a day that means alot gerard way from the band :( my chemical romance anniversy for being sober he was an acholic he was bullied he was deppresed he also was susidal so that i spelled that wrong and other stuff but he is 9 years sober so go gerard i love you you are my inspiration xoxox
My bestest friend is a jerk she lied to me won't talk to me and won't even look at me I'm so confused with her
Im that kind of person that i care what i look like but i will not say that i m ugly im that kind of person that wears nice clothes when i want to but i wont say that i have a really bad taste  im that kind of girl that hangs out with a range of people but no one knows me im that kind of girl that will never say i love you but i will never die alone ...<3
that akward moment when you have the greatest dream that you are kissing your crush and you wake up and are hugging your teddy bear
that akward moment when you cant find your parent and you just start walking than when someone looks at you you run
that akward moment when you went shopping for you first traing bra with 1 your dad 2 have an old lady measure you 3 have hot guys pass you
true story
that akward moment when you are walking and get a cramp next to you r crush and make a face
that akward moment when you are at school and unraping apad and the wrap makes the biggest noise ever and when you come out people give you dirty looks
I love you just not enough to help you cheat