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whenever my mom criticizes me i yell “it’s probably genetic” and run out of the room as fast as i can
Coincidence? I think not

Here's one way to

break up with a guy:

Me: Your ex is attractive.
Which one?
Me: Me.


               People: Do you have any idea how much it hurts to love
               someone who will never love you back?
               Fandoms: WE'RE FANGIRLS.

               Fandoms: Our entire LIVES revolve around loving people who
               will never love us back.
               Fandoms: Some of them aren't even REAL PEOPLE.

               Fandoms: They're FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.
               THAT IS?


There are 364 days
until Christmas
and people already have their lights up.




Chapter 36

"So, do we hold hands or something?" I asked Travis nervously, as we snuggled up against each other in his bed later that night.
Travis smirked, as his fingers played with the ending tips of my brown locks.
"Well, truth be told, I'd rather makeout." he chuckled teasingly, earning a murderous glare from me. "But, holding hands sound nice, too."
I rolled my eyes, slapping my palm against his, before gently releasing my fingers around his.
"You should get neither for being so picky." I snapped jokingly. "But, you're lucky that I don't hate you."
Travis smiled, biting his lower lip teasingly.
My eyes immediately shifted down towards his rosy red lips, as I had the sudden urge to press my lips against his.
I looked away, as I felt my cheeks turning warm by just thinking about how attractive he looked at this moment.
"So, does that mean you like me?" Travis whispered, his hot breath tickling the edge of my ear.
I narrowed my eyes at him, but I couldn't help but crack a small smile.
Everything about Travis made me unreasonably happy- and it was driving me insane.
"I never said I like you." I scoffed.
Travis let out a snort, before wrapping his arms around my waist tightly.
"Right, you don't need to say anything, Riley." he whispered, planting a light kiss on my cheek. "I know that you like me without you having to say it."
I got shivers just from being so near him, so I pushed him away from me.
"You're too full of yourself, Travis." I licked my lips, before smiling.
Scarlet's Point of View
I held up the little white stick in my hands, staring at the blue plus sign with disbelief.
I wasn't crying yet, but I knew I was about to burst into uncontrollable tears in any second.
I was pregnant.
"So, what is it?" Lola asked impatiently, knocking from outside of my bathroom door. "Are you knocked up or not?"
The first tear finally slipped from my eyes, but that was not the last one.
My cheeks turned red in a matter of seconds, matching the color of my bloodshot eyes.
I slowly opened the door, as it creeked open.
Lola was leaning against the door frame, crossing her arms.
When she saw my tear-stained cheeks, her mouth dropped open.
"No way." she muttered, before laughing obnoxiously. "You're pregnant! I have to tell everyone about this!"
My eyes widened, as I slapped Lola's phone away from her hands.
It fell on the floor, but it didn't break.
"What the hell, Scarlet?" she hissed, glaring at me. "You could've broken it!"
"You can't tell anyone that I'm pregnant!" I begged.
Lola held my gaze, before she snickered.
"Of course not, Scar. Why would I ever?" she asked sweetly. "I am your best friend, right?"
I nodded, before giving her a weak smile.

I'm not sure if I'm updating on Monday or Tuesday, but in advance, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
I love you all to bits and pieces.





~ in the classroom ~


The children began to identify the flavors by their colors.

Red   -   Cherry

Yellow   - Lemon

Green   -   Lime

Orange   -   Orange


So, the teacher gave them all honey lifesavers.  None of the children knew the flavor. 

The teacher decided to give them a hint.

“It’s what your mother might call your father.”

One little girl looked up in horror.

Spit out her lifesaver and yelled


Me: I can't eat this...
Mum: why not? They're just potatoes.

One Direction did not know each other before X Factor.
Fifth Harmony did not know each other before X Factor.

They were both formed by Simon Cowell.

One Direction shortens to 1D.
Fifth Harmony shortens to 5H.
A number and a letter each.

There are 5 people in 1D.
There are 5 people in 5H.

There are 12 letters in One Direction.
There are 12 letters in Fifth Harmony.

They both performed the first song that they sang together on live shows.

Zayn and Ally's grandparents both passed away during X Factor.

One Direction and Fifth Harmony both ended up in 3rd place.

One Direction became the biggest boyband. Now wait and you'll see where it goes with Fifth Harmony.

Demi is a brunette and has bangs

Selena is back on Disney.

Miley is back in the recording studio

 Justin is single
 Ladie's and Gents we're back in 2009