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that time of year is approaching:
-scary lawn decorations
- terrifying tv programs-
people in costumes going door to door
it's election season.


        me: can you please stop smoking?
        mom: well only if you get a quote with 500 favs. that seems like a reasonable cause to stop.

So, as an update on baby names, Hannah has narrowed it down to 9 names;
Yesenia (Sena, Senia, Yessie, or Seni for short)
Suzanne (Suzy for short)
Gillian (pronounced Jillian)
Lourdes (Lourie or Loura for short)
If you guys could help us choose from these, we would love it. Thank so much :) We've looked at every one of your suggestions, and we noticed that Skylar was the most popular option. Sorry to disappoint, but Hannah felt like that name was overused. We've combined your suggestions with baby-name books and have come up with this list. If you suggested one of these names, thank you for helping me, and if you didn't, it doesn't mean we didn't consider it. All of the names were beautiful.
Thanks again!
-David, Hannah, and Nicole

Small Bump by Ed Sheeran.
There's so much that I could say about that amazing song.
It describes every emotion I have.
It's currently on replay on my iPod.
I can't stop crying.
Thank you, Ed. Just, thank you.

So today, I felt like it was time to update my girls.
I don't know if I ever told you, but a couple months ago, David proposed to Hannah. Today, they finally finished all the planning for their wedding. They rushed and worked 24/7 on the arrangements.
They are getting married on a beach in Maine on August 26, 2012.
Yes, that is the due date of their daughter.
I honestly don't know what possessed them to do that. But hopefully their baby doesn't come any earlier.
I'm sorry I haven't been on witty as much. My life is finally starting to make sense again. No promises on when I'll return. I don't know.
But I'll always love my witty girls. 

So I would just like to take the time to welcome my little Audrianna Miracle into the world. She was a little premature, but she is so amazingly beautiful and strong. And pictures will be up when I have time.
I can't wait to show her to you guys. She's perfect.


August 6, 2012. Love you, Audri.

So today, I finally got around to putting up pictures of Audri. She'll be two months old tomorrow.
Hannah and David are awesome. I love them both so much.
Ugh. I guess I should give you more of an update on me.
Hannah and Audri are perfect and healthy.
David was discharged from the army due to an injury; he was shot in the leg. He doesn't like to talk about it much. Actually, he's really traumatized. He doesn't talk much at all anymore. Only to me, Hannah, and Audri.
Dad and I have become close, like, really close, despite his autism. I don't know why I was sheltered from him my whole life. He's become one of my best friends.
Austin? Hm. Austin got a girlfriend, they've been dating for eight months now? Around eight months. Her name's Amanda. To be honest, I hated her at first because I thought he could do better. I really like her now though. He's happy, so that's all that matters.
My mom and stepdad are in rehab for drug abuse. Can't say I didn't see that one coming. David and Hannah got a legal thing done where she isn't allowed to see the baby, so she hasn't seen Audri, and she won't be able to until she's 13.
I wouldn't say I've gotten over Zach's death, but the thought of him has become easier for me. Now, when I think of him, it's pleasant, not painful. He's not suffering anymore. And I have to move on.
And me? Not much about me. I got a cat named Abernanthy to keep me company when I'm sad. He's yellow and he he's so freaking lazy but he kind of fills a gap. I love him. I actually have a boyfriend now. His name's Shawn. He's super sweet and really shy. And he really likes me.
Oh, another thing about Austin. On the inside of his bicep, he got my son's initials tattooed in black. In honor of him. (He's 16, so it's legal where I live.)
I'll really try to keep you guys updated on Audri and Shawn and Austin with pictures and everything. It's just hard. I've been super busy with recently becoming super depressed and super anorexic. I've lost 18 pounds in six weeks. I can tell Austin's worried, but I don't care.
To be honest, I'm still contemplating suicide. I know I should get help, but I don't want it. And now, I don't want to die to be with Zach or my son, but I just want to die. I don't want to be here. Nothing's right. Mom hates me, Austin's wrapped up in Amanda, David doesn't speak, and I'm forced to watch my brother live life with a baby when I know that if Austin were still alive, that would be me. I would be the one with the baby. I know I would be an amazing mom. But I guess he belonged to God. So I trust it.
My main picture is of Audri. I think she's gorgeous. I hope you all do too :)
I love you guys.

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                                                                                            I was describing you.


How to survive a Horror Movie.

1.Never be the hero.

2.Never say 'I'll be right back'

3.Don't be curious or suspicious.

4.Always look back.

5.Don't fall over that imaginary branch.

6.Never go somewhere alone.

7.Get weapons.

8.Hide in the fridge.I'm pretty sure the killer won't want snacks.

9. Don't look through peep holes. You'll end up with one eye

10.Remember,only retards go upstairs when a killer's attacking.

11.Don't yell 'Hello' when you're alone.The killer is hardly going to reply with 'Sup Bro?Wanna 
play some MW3?'

12.If it's not behind you,it's above you.Fact.

13.Don't be a smartass and try to anger the killer.You'll be the next target.

14.If it's dead,leave it alone.

15.Don't start making out with your new hot boyfriend/girlfriend/cat in the car.

16. Always listen to the old creepy guy who says there's danger ahead.
He's right.

17.It isn't your dog licking your hand. Your dog is dead.

18.If you think the monster is dead,IT'S NOT.

19.Don't go searching for something in the basement,even if the lights have gone out.

20.Make sure your gas tank is full.

21. Get a boyfriend. He'll die first which will give you more time to run.

22.You're an idiot if you think stabbing the killer is a good idea.

23.Learn to clib trees,sweetie.

24.Blood=Somebody has died/is dying.

25.Only stupid people use lamps as weapons.

26.If you get a phone call while babysitting that consists of 'Have you checked the kids?',you
just might want to make a run for it.Forget the kids,let's care about ourselves.

27.Nightmares are never just mightmares.

28.Moving to Elm Street is a bad idea,unless you want to stay up late every night. WOO RAVE!

29.Don't buy a cheap house in the middle of nowhere.


Maybe I'm still single because I didn't forward that chain letter to 17 of my closest friends three years ago...
That explains the the little girl with no eyes at the end of my bed, too.
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