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Hey fellow wittans! If your reading this your awesome for using 2 mintues of your life to read my page. Moving on about me. I'm Emily I blow out the candles on April 11th. I'm 13 years old.I love my family and friends more then anything even if I fight with them alot.Over the last couple of years I been thought alot. I wouldn't been the same person I am today without my mom,my bestfriends,music and witty.I've been on witty since 2011.I love witty so much I can relate to alot of the quotes on here.Witty has deffinaly helped my with some of my problems in life.Witty is my place to get away from the judging world and go to a place where you can be yourself and nobody will judge you.
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- One Direction
- Music
- Family and friends
- Hunger Games
- Food<3

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-Taylor swift
- Demi Lovato

arilyn Monroe

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"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." ~A 
 Cinderella story

About MeStrong only Choicedancing stick people

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Don't let me go  </3

I'm a warrior <33
Why must I get friend zoned with every guy a like?!
Demi Lovato's new album >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> life itself
I don't understand something about the society I live in. You have to be a barbie look alike to get people to notice you. I don't understand why it was so easy in younger grades to have tons of friends. I don't see why everything changed, when did everyone get so judge mental? I don't get why people judge other people what's the point of it? Does it make you feel good to see other people hurt? I just don't understand it! EVERYBODY is human,EVERYBODY has flaws I don't get why people find it fun to point them out! Sorry for preaching but sooner or later I had to!
Pray for Boston I never thought anything like this would happen so close to my home.
Theres nothing I do better than revenge........ 
If he wants to treat me like a game I'm going to show him how it's played...
Nobodys afraid of the dark their afraid what hides in it.