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Hey fellow wittans! If your reading this your awesome for using 2 mintues of your life to read my page. Moving on about me. I'm Emily I blow out the candles on April 11th. I'm 13 years old.I love my family and friends more then anything even if I fight with them alot.Over the last couple of years I been thought alot. I wouldn't been the same person I am today without my mom,my bestfriends,music and witty.I've been on witty since 2011.I love witty so much I can relate to alot of the quotes on here.Witty has deffinaly helped my with some of my problems in life.Witty is my place to get away from the judging world and go to a place where you can be yourself and nobody will judge you.
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"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." ~A 
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best  friend's boyfriend  
 |  chapter     |    11    |         |        | 

            “Kelli, he was going to hook up with me,” I whispered to her.
            “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realize,” she said. I’m sure she didn’t realize.
            “It’s alright,” I lied. We walked around some more and Mattie challenged Cody to a balloon darts game, the first to pop five balloons won. “Which one, Brooke? The pink dolphin?”
            “Yeah, how’d you know I’d want the pink one?” I asked, surprised he got it right.
            “It’s obviously your favorite color. The pink teddy bear yesterday, your pink bathing suit, pink nails, pink streak in your hair,” he said. “It’s cute.”
            I smiled, hoping he’d win the game. But instead, Cody had won, asking Kelli, “Which one?”
            “The pink dolphin,” she said. She hated the color pink. And that was the last pink dolphin there. “It’s so cute, thanks Cody.”
            “I’ll get you something else,” Mattie assured me. It’s not the prize that mattered, it was the fact that Kelli took what she knew I wanted even though she hated it herself. That was so childish.
            “It’s fine, I don’t care,” I smiled, letting Kelli know her attempt failed. We walked around some more, laughing and flirting around in a big group and having a good time. We got on the Ferris wheel line and I knew this is where Cody would finally kiss her and ask her to be his girlfriend. Maybe once he did she’d stop getting so jealous whenever there was guy attention on me.
            “He’s so gonna do it,” I whispered in her ear. She smiled at me and giggled, and I knew that mean she was excited. I whispered back in her ear, “I’m really hoping to get with Mattie tonight, do you think I can?”
            “Of course,” she said. “I’ll help you if you need.”
            “Help with what?” the guys asked. “You can’t just do that, you know, tell secrets in front of us.”
            “I’ll tell you guys after the ride,” I said, totally not planning on telling them. It was finally our turn to get on the Ferris wheel, when we had to decide who would sit with who. First Duke and Graham went on together, not caring that they went together. I knew Jace really wanted to sit with me but couldn’t say anything because he knew Mattie liked me. Carter said, “Come on Jace, go with me.”
            Jace listened even though he was a little disappointed. I didn’t want him to think he had no chance, because he did. I just wasn’t sure who I liked yet. And ever since that kiss with Carter, I’d been even more confused. Why not just test them all out while I’m at it?
            “They’re together,” I joked to the guy working the ride as Carter and Jace took a seat. “No, we’re not,” they tried to tell him as the guy pushed the next cart forward. I made Cody and Kelli go next so that they’d be in front of me and I could see when he kissed her.
            “After you,” Mattie said, letting me get in first, leading me forward by the arch in my back.

"You're always on display for everyone to watch and learn from, don't you know by now?" -Fences, Paramore

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best  friend's boyfriend  
 |  chapter     |    12    |         |        | 

            “You know, I may be wrong, but sometimes I get the feeling that you and Kelli aren’t really friends,” Mattie whispered to me on the Ferris wheel.
            “What? No, I love Kel! What makes you think we’re not friends?”
            “I don’t know, it just seems like you guys are always trying to one-up each other,” he said.
            “No, it’s not like that at all,” I assured him. But mostly, I was just trying to convince myself. Mattie put his arm around me and we could see two carts in front of us Carter yawning loudly to get our attention and putting his arm around Jace to make fun of Mattie.
            “Oh my God, Cody’s going to kiss her,” I whispered excitedly to Mattie and shook his wrist out of habit, because that’s what Kelli and I do when we get excited.
            We watched as Cody leaned in, resting his index and middle finger on her jawline to direct her face towards his. Kelli leaned in too until their lips finally met. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for her, because I know this is exactly what she wanted- exactly what she needed. A boy who would finally make her happy after she’d been so sad for so long.
            “I was wondering if you uh, wanted to…be my girlfriend,” I heard Cody ask her. She smiled so bright and her eyes lit up and she nodded and said yes.
            “Are you crying?” Mattie asked me.
            “I’m sorry,” I laughed. “It’s just like, if you ask one of us out you’re basically asking both of us out and I’m so happy for her and I don’t know, I’m a crier, don’t look at me.”
            He laughed, “No, it’s fine haha, I guess guys don’t do that for each other.”
            “Apparently not,” I turned away a little embarrassed, giggling nervously.
            “I think you’re really beautiful, Brooke,” he said to me. I smiled and leaned in, instigating the kiss. I guess I got too into it because I hadn’t even realized the ride stopped, and the guy who worked there was waiting for us to get out.
            “Sorry,” I laughed embarrassed, and hopped out of the cart. I knew what I had to do now- play hard to get. Show him that even though I kissed him didn’t mean I wouldn’t flirt around with the other guys. I liked when guys worked hard for me.
            “So, are you guys, like, dating now?” Graham asked Cody and Kelli who were off to the side holding hands.
            “Yeah,” Cody half smiled.
            “Gay,” Graham said. I hit his arm and yelled at him for his insulting response.
            “Now you can’t hook up with Brooke, Cody,” Graham said. Cody stopped walking for a second, caught off guard by the fact his friend actually said that. But he picked up again like it didn’t faze him. “Alright, I don’t care,” Cody laughed. “I have Kel, that’s all I want.”

"Walls of Inincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy vanished," -Enchanted, Taylor Swift

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best  friend's boyfriend  
 |  chapter     |    2    |         |        | 

            “Brooke and Kelli,” he repeated. “Beautiful names for beautiful girls I guess.”
            We both laughed at how cheesy he was. “What about you guys, what are your names?” I asked.
            “Carter,” said the blond boy who originally asked if I went to Arizona State.
            “Graham,” said the muscular one in a tight white tank, khaki shorts and vans.
            “Mattie,” said the tallest one who was about 6’4. Ugh, yum.
            “Duke,” said the curly haired guy who was about 5’7, and inch taller than me, two inches taller than Kelli.
            “Jace,” said the last one with flirty blue eyes and dark brown, almost black hair.
            “Cody, Carter, Graham, Mattie, Duke, Jace,” I repeated. “I’ll try to remember.”
            “You’ll try?” Carter laughed.
            “Maybe if you guys had like, a cute slogan or something it would be easier to remember,” I joked.
            “A cute slogan?” Mattie laughed. “What’s your ‘cute slogan?’”
            “Brooke and Kel, angels from hell,” Kelli and I recited at the same time and laughed.
            “That’s clever,” Duke laughed.
            “Right? No one will ever forget our names,” Kelli laughed. It surprised me that she actually said something. This was new, and I was hoping it would continue.
            “I don’t think we’ll be forgetting your names any time soon,” Cody winked and pulled Kelli a little closer by the hem of her shirt. She giggled nervously and looked at me, but I just gave an encouraging look back, because I knew she could do that all along.
            “So does your group have like, a little dress code or something?” I asked, referring to the similar outfits they all had- tanks and khaki shorts with vans and a skateboard in hand.
            They laughed and Jace said, “Do you and Kel always wear baggy T-shirts, Soffe shorts and flip flops?”
            “When we don’t know we’re going to run into hot guys we do,” I laughed. “Otherwise we would’ve dressed nicer.”
            “Well we’d love to see how beautiful you guys look when you’re actually trying, because you’re stunning just like this,” Cody said, looking straight at Kelli.

"Your eyes whispered, 'have we met?' Across the room your silhouette starts to make its way to me," -Enchanted, Taylor Swift

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best  friend's boyfriend  
 |  prologue     |        |         |        | 

       There’s something calming about being outside right before a massive storm hits. The dark gray clouds blanket the sky only to be lit up every now and then by a strike of lightening, captioned by the loud rumbles of thunder. The warm air swirls around you, picking up the leaves and dirt in its path, carrying them out effortlessly. The trees sway and branches get tangled as animals try to take cover before it’s too late. You feel small drops of rain tapping the surface of your skin as a warning, but you still stay in the comforting atmosphere of the disaster waiting to happen, because oddly enough, you feel secure. You have every sign shouting at you to get the hell out. Yet you stay.
       That’s how I felt when I started hooking up with my best friend’s boyfriend. I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew it would hurt her. But I did it anyway.
       It didn’t start out this way- I promise. I was just feeling so left out and forgotten. When I was alone with him, he made me feel like the most important person in the world compared to how awful Kelli had been treating me since they started dating. I knew it was wrong, but without realizing it, Cody helped me to see why this wasn’t as bad as it seemed.
       She wasn’t a good friend to me. Well, not when she was dating Cody at least. Sometimes Kelli Carson was the best friend anyone could ever hope for. But this all stopped once she found hope and happiness through Cody Hayes, her oh so perfect boyfriend that she’d never shut up about. And suddenly, as if our seven years of friendship never happened, I had no one. We were still friends, but she wasn’t the same Kelli Carson I’d become friends with in fourth grade.
       Although both of us had a good amount of friends, we were our best selves when we were together, and I think that’s because we both found someone who completely understood us. We were sarcastic- not mean. We were broken- not attention seeking. We needed reassurance- not pity. We were lonely- not alone. We did everything together, and although she wouldn’t admit it, she was willing to give up our friendship for him.
       She knew how much I needed her, but she still left me despite knowing the broken state I was in. Now that she was gone, I needed someone to help me feel less alone; someone who understood me. And that someone, just so happened to be Cody.
       There were a lot of things Kelli Carson would never admit:
1)      She was the weaker of the two in our friendship. We treated each other equally, but others treated me higher than they did her. But hey, if you act like you’re in control in a confident, totally non-stuck up b.itch manner, people will treat you better. It also helps to be pretty.
2)      If someone mentioned her name, you wouldn’t know who she was until you mentioned my name, Brooke Cooper. Then you’d go, “oh! That pretty brunette with long dark hair and shining dark eyes to match who’s always with Brooke? Now I know.”
3)      Boys liked me better. It’s funny, because she’s the one with the boyfriend and I’m still single. But there was no denying this one. The number of guys I’d hooked up with compared to hers spoke for themselves.
       Kelli and I had been through a lot. Seven years of acting like this without one single fight. And I know she was willing to change everything so she could be on top, but that's not how things worked. Ditching me for a boy, Kel? Cute. Ignoring anything I have to say if it doesn’t have anything to do with Cody? Adorbs. Acting like you don’t need me? Ha! Acting like you’re better than me? Now Kel, you know that’s not true.
       I was willing to keep everything the same, which is why I felt bad when I started hooking up with Cody. But you know what, Kel? He was there for me when you weren’t. You can try acting like you’re still the best friend you used to be, but you’re not fooling anyone. You think I’m not going to notice you being a s.hitty friend? You know me better than to think I’ll put up with anyone’s bulls.hit. I didn’t want to resort to this Kelli, I knew the mess it would make. But you left me when I needed you most. You’re the one who turned this friendship into a competition. And I’ll keep this whole “no don’t worry, we’re still best friends even though you know we’re not” charade going as long as you do.
       One word of advice? Don’t start a war with someone who can fight harder.
       Game on, girl.

Directioner version of LLWY:
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I am lazy, lazy, lazy.
I don't see the sun.
I know it's been five hours
But it feels like one.

My ovaries have vanished,
there's not a single one.
Never gonna get some,
cus blogging is fun.

Bucket List #35

Go into a store's fitting room. After several minutes yell loudly, "There is no toilet paper in here!"
Am i the only one who still says cool beans???
Girl: Hey what's up?
Boy: If I tell you will you sit on it?"
these battle sars
dont look like there fading
dont look like there ever goin away
they aint never going to change
these battle scars

A bomb just went off in my city... Hopefully Steve is okay... <3
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