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forever or never ~
Dance ike nobody's watching<3
"Shadows will scream that I'm alone" -Twenty One Piots

You wanna know about me?
.my God

        You are never alone.
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A dad comes home drunk and mad, he pulls out a gun and shoots his wife and turns to the gun himself and pulls the trigger. The little girl sits behind on a couch crying. The police came and took the little girl to a new family, ande went to her first Sunday school at church. She walks past the building and sees a picture of Jesus on the cross. The little girl then ask's the teacher "How did that off the cross?" the Teacher replied "He never did" then the little girl argued "Yes he did. Because the night that my mommy and daddy died he sat next to me behind the couch, telling me everything was going to be alright". 66% of you won't post this, But remember what the bible say's "Deny me in front of your friends and i shall Deny you in front of my father".

So re-post this, remember The Gods saw you read this

Sims Logic

            Can't afford pizza?       Sell the window!


You've played with her heart
And it's getting kinda lame
Decide between the two:

The girl or the game


You point out mflaws,
as if I don't already see them ///////////

U n d e r  e v e r y  s c a r                      
                  Is the story of a lost battle.


I t ' s  n o t  t h a t  I  d o n ' t  l i k e  y o u ,
I just freeze up when we talk


Why do I even bother?
I  t  '  s      n  o  t      l  i  k  e      h  e      c  a  r  e  s  .

The world:
- A bunch of idiots
- Some whores     
- A few nice guys  
                              - Some hot guys with girlfriends
-Tons of jerks         
   - Computer addicts
- Me.                            


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