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hi,im jenn;) and im not here to tell you my life story...
just here to inspire you;)
i love meeting new people, so talk sometime?

Quotes by smilebrightx33

some people dont believe in teenage love,
but maybe its  because they have had a bad past
and dont want to get hurt again or they just dont have
a heart.
you know your in love when,

you see that special person almost all the time,
but every time you see him, you still get that feeling
in your stomach of butterflies,the thought in your head
of not letting him go,and hoping you'll be together
for a long time,how he puts a smile on your face even
when you could be mad at him,and most of all you know
you love someone when they tell you that your the best thing
that has ever happend to you.

8.4.11 <3

don't let what other people say get you down,

you never asked their opinion so why should it even matter

if you show them that it bothers you

then your just giving them what they want

ignore it & be yourself :)
i feel like no one understands me anymore.

Through out grade school, everyone always said " high school changes you", of course
no one believed them.

All the girls promised each other they will always be friends till the end no matter what.
You meet a new crowd of people,make new friends try new things and finally everything is going great.

Then finally you get a boyfriend who you love and care about so much, and your friends completely misjudge you on everything.
Now, you don't even want to tell your old friends things about you and your boyfriend, cause all they do is call you trashy, and tell you to get pregnant.

so much for best friends.

meeting my boyfriends parents tomorrow, and i never met any parents of a boyfriend before.....any advice?!

All a girl needs is one guy to  prove to her, that they all aren't the same

it never hurts to have a little

hope ;)


for awhile, i was scared. i was ashamed of myself and didnt think i was good enough.
i was scared of being hurt again,lied to and cheated on. i finally found someone who
likes me for me, and i dont have to pretend to be someone else. this might sound stupid
but i promise you, when the time is right he'll come looking for you.. dont give up, have hope.
especially in yourself.