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Well.... I'm just... who I am...hi strangers out there... smilesanys here....if ever you need someone to talk to I'm here...if you feel unloved I'm here....I know that might seem strange but its true... I'm more than a bit weird and I can be hard to handle but if you need me I'll be there as soon as I can be... I'm not always happy.... but I believe there is light even In the dark

Quotes by smilesanyways

I use to always wonder what it would be like to fly, and then I met you.. you showed me how it would feel if I were a bird... but no matter how good you make me feel I realize you can take away that feeling just as fast as you gave it to me.
Why do I feel so icky inside suddenly?
When am I going to let myself go? When am I going to stop holding myself back?
Maybe I trust to easily.... but my new friend you healed a TIny Piece of me theres no question about it
When you love someone what would you be willing to do for them? Comments please
And then I felt like I was broken like an old abused toy one that doesn't get donated but gets thrown away.
Maybe just maybe we are meant to be
Sometimes I think you're getting tired of me... That you no longer want to see me as much as you use to ...or talk to.... that you love me but maybe I'm not what you want anymore... but you won't tell me because you don't want to break my heart...
Then after the darkness of night I looked out the window and the sun was just rising like it did everymoring. I really hope lives that way too...
Do you ever feel like this is all one big dream?