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I love my best friends, we are inseperable.


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Favorite this if...

1.You run up your steps just in case someone is behind you.
2.You turn on all the lights when your alone.
3. You think it's stupid that the teachers say "I dismiss you the bell does not"
4.You need blankets to cover you at night or else you get scared.
5. You hate your bus driver.
6. You love writing on foggy windows.
7. You never win at yellow car.
8. Homeroom is when homework gets done.
9.There is that one kid in homeroom who always does his/her homework & will give you the answers
10. You think detention for chewing gum is the worst rule ever.
11. The younger kids at your school move to the side when you walk the halls.
12."Get on your bus" means nothing to you.
13.sweatpants+ messybun+sweatshirt= bad day
14.You love to tell the younger kids don't run in the hallway.
15. You have about 20 girls in your school who believe they are Mrs.Bieber.
16.You hate when your mom tries to dress like you.
17. When your parents ask, you say you learned nothing new at school today.
18. You love reading these lists because it proves you aren't the only one(:

haha made it upp.

color pictures
s h o w   t h e   c o l o r   o f   o u r   c l o t h e s .

black &+ white pictures
s h o w   t h e   c o l o r   o f   o u r   s o u l .


rock, paper, scissors.
i understand how scissors can beat paper,
and how rock can beat scissors, but there is
n | o || f | r | e | a | k | i | n | g || w | a | y
paper can beat rock. is paper supposed to
m a g i c a l l y  wrap itself around rock and
leave it  i m m o b i l e ? why the hell can't
paper do this to scissors? actually,
s c r e w  s c i s s o r s ,
why can't paper do this to  p e o p l e ?
why aren't sheets of college-ruled notebook
paper constantly  s u f f o c a t i n g  students
while they're taking notes in class? i'll tell you why:
because paper can''t beat  a n y b o d y . a rock can
tear that crap up in  t w o  s e c o n d s. when i play rock,
paper, scissors, i always choose rock. then when somebody
c l a i m s  to have beaten me, i'll punch them in the face with my
c l e n c h e d  f i s t  and say, "oh, i'm sorry i thought your
paper would protect you."

*credit to caligurl6354
changed a few words,
but i love itt hahaa

my teacher asked me the deffinition of love
so i turned around &&
---> looked at him <---
i turned back and said
"love is a big word. & it can mean alot of things.
but one thing i've learned about love is it's confusing.  
falling in love is hard to get out of.
so the deffiniton of love?
well... it's [needed someone] in your life.
i love my bestfriends  & i can't live without them .
i love my family, too. "
... then i said "...
and sometimes you might not know it butyou
could love the person sitting right in front of you. " 

      right then he dropped his pencil and looked up. i turned my head
and he was looking at me speechless. all he could do was smile, so
i did the same.  my teacher looked at me, then looked at him & said

" now that's what love is. "

not mine. i just loove it.
God Gave Me 5 Fingers For A Reason
my pinky is for my best friends and our promises that will *never be broken*
my ring finger is for {him} and for proof that we’ll be together forever
my middle finger is for that girl that pushes me too far and to .s.h.o.w. h.e.r. how I feel
my pointer finger is to s i l e n c e them, to savor the moment
my thumb is for -everyone-, to let them know that I’m gonna be okay,
No Matter What

ALL MINE! NO JOCKING!! i reaaaaaalllllly like this! hehe<3

Me and my little five year old cousin were walking in the park

When I bumped into him. We started talking.

My little cousin looked up at him and  asked, "Are you in love with her?"

I blushed furiously, apologizing for her behavior.

He said to me, "Don't worry. It's ok." Then he knelt down and looked at my cousin.

"Haha no," he said. "She's just an amazing friend."

Then he got up and walked away .

Before I could scold her, my cousin looked up at me, smiled, and said,

"He lied." 


i want to be the girl
who he thinks is the cutest; not necessarily the
hottest or prettiest, but the cutest, because
hottness refers to the body,
and god knows mine isn't perfect.
pretty refers to the face
i know plenty of girls prettier than me;
but cuteness is refering to every
that he loves. every weird little habit.
the funny little things that make me different
from any other girl he could have.
like how dorky i laugh, or i can't watch gory
or the way my hair smells.

all of the little things he notices and adores.
i want to be that girl
*hahaaa wow took foreveeeerr! lol it kept spazzing :P hope you like it!
Your like a new pair of shoes..
That just went out of style