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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever

Heeey, The names Haley (:
Cheer is my life :)
My best friends are goons. ;) But, I love them ♥ I loveeeee Summer, :)
I'm usually always smiling & having a good time..
My friends & family mean the world to me;
I'm gonna live my life the way I want . Dont like it.? I dont currr (:

I believe every human is different and thats what makes them unique. Be happy with what you look like instead of trying to fit in with the crowd. stand out & shine (:

Pleaasee follow, I will follow backk <3

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You're Beautiful <3

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Just remember ; It gets better...<3

you make my heart go asdfghjkl.<3

                                         » I'm with you♥ «

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when i sit here and cry about one thing.. it makes me think even more on the things that made me cry in my past .

Yes , my quotes are about you.. ask me to tell you who they're about not my bestfriend, kay ? Get it ? Got it ? GOOOD !!
You think you're life is so bad , asnd that you're so ugly... but really you're just over exagerating  .
Just because you couldnt be his everything doesnt mean i cant .
Just becasue were not friends anymore doesnt mean that you have to take my bestfriend from me...
but i guess that because i took the person who meant the most to you , menas that you're trying to her from me..
You used to be my bestfriend , but now you're just somebody that i used to now ...
His eyes were "sweating" <3