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My name is Destiny, I'm a freshman. I have an amazing bestfriend. i love helping people, i cant stand seeing people sad. you'd never know anything was wrong. i always have a smile on my face, even if i cried my eyes out the night before. i act like nothing touches me and i don't care, but things that happen or some things people do, HURT.ANYWAYS(: yeah

Quotes by sneakerBabe

You can't just keep playing with someones feelings because you're unsure about yours.
Just because you miss someone, doesn't mean they belong in your life
Yes, I'm upset. It could be because I thought I actually thought i meant something to you. I thought you cared. But i was wrong.
Sometimes you have to accept the fact that things are never going to go back to how they used to be.
You should have tried harder. You should have chased me. But you let me go. F'ck you for that.
When you don't text back for hours, i'll understand. When you mess up, i'll understand. But when I finally give up and walk away, you better understand too.
And then i wonder, how many other girls he's texting while he's texting me.
if you've ever been called


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whoever 's it

Heart: I'm broken.
Brain: I told you so.
She acts like nothing is wrong, but maybe she's just really good at lying.