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Quotes by soXmanyXsecrets

Every girl is beautiful whether you're,
"skinny or thick, tall or short, smart or not smart, lonely or popular, old or young, black, white, or any other race, any religion."







you give me


 she doesn't see you
like i do.

i named my ipod touch
"The Titanic" so now every time i plug it into my computer it will say "the titanic is syncing" ♥


some people wait
a lifetime for a moment like this


&+ i don't want to text him first,
 'cause i'm afraid of him not replying. ♥

I hate you.

 (but don't take that the wrong way)

& when we first met,

never though you
would mean this much,


[[ me ]]


|love                                                                                                              |

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Did you mean: your fantasy of you and him

+& i don't want the world to see me,

'cause i don't think that they'd understand. ♥
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