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soXmanyXsecrets's Favorite Quotes

looking at someone and thinking

"Where are we going?"
"I dont know, i was following you.." 

That feeling you get when

You  understand  something  in  MATH.

 Isn't it weird how in every...
  cereal commercial it seems like someone's always trying to steal the cereal. 

If witty tells me to simmer down again im gonna throw this laptop out the window.

FREDDY: what did he mean, you'd 'rue the day'?
SAM: Yeah, what does 'rue' mean?
CARLY: No One Knows!
SPENCER: I got it. roux - a mixture of fat and flour used to make sauces and soups!
SAM: ... He called you a fat flower?


“Hey guess what?”
“No, tell me.”

Its so annoying how,
I always seem to mess up a messy bun.
This quote does not exist.