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The knife to my soup,
The glitter to my sushi,
The ketchup to my ice-cream,
My point is, I don't need you and I never will.


 aye girls. Or boys.
'Supp mi nigga?' My name is Lauren and I'm more awkward then jenna. If you get that then I'll love you forever.
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(-) direct tv, english class, math, getting up early, iowa, dark chocalte, people that never talk, and so much more shit that I'm to lazy to say.

Quotes by soccer_girl123

I like to think I'm helping people by
hating them.

I'm reminding them they aren't God's gift to humankind. 


On the bright side,
if tge Mayans were right
this is the last Monday
you'll ever have to deal with.
heyy wittians.
i need a friend to talk too, through kik.
one that i can help and one that can help me.
kik: volleyball.freak

Keep odreaming,
even if it breaks
your heart.

Todaimone year.
I have been on witty for a whole year.
I really can't bellieve that.
Witty has helped me grow so much.
If I had never found witty, I would not have two of my bestfriends.
I wanna say thank you.
To everyone. to anyone who has faved any of my quotes.
and especially my followers.
I love you all.
And thank you mostly to Steve. He changed who I was by making this website.

The best way to not get your
heart broken, is to pretend you don't have one.

-Charile Sheen

We ardifferent.
People are scareodifferent.
                                            -Cool Runnings

No-Shave November
Starts today.
I like to celebrate this Holiday religously...every month.