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Quotes by soccerblondies03

I have 4 simple words for you though i have never gotten the chance to say them but there you are and here i am and all i want to say is..."YOU BELONG WITH ME"
"you belong with me"

Taylor Swift (she rocks!)
"i wanna hold your hand"

The Beatles (they rock!)
i look at you...but you don't look at me...i crush on you but you don't crush on me...i think about you you think about me constantly??? i wish i could just tell you now...BUT i do not have the guts to speak infront of you... if you only knew...

quote by: cat griffith and sheridan wood

"we all live in a yellow submarine"

The Beatles (they rock!)
i'm walkin' on sunshine

Ally & AJ

"no he can't read my poker face..."

Lady GaGa

why cant boys just come to you if they like you..why do they have to keep it a secret... why do we keep our crushes a secret??? i dont have the answer but i so wonder because you will never know if this person has feelings for you...

luv ya,
Cat and Sheridan
SPORTS... if you love and are commited to a sport dont let any silly foolish guy get in the way of your love for a sport...
think about it...maybe life doesn't always turn out right the first time, but i feel like i have my whole life to fix my problems. i know my life will eventually end, though i really do have a feeling that i have forever and eternity to do the things i need to do...which is a good thing.
qoute by, sheridan wood :p