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so watcha doin
talkin to the preetiest girl i know ;)


Awww <3
Ur so sweet
what are you talking about? i wasnt talking about you i was talking about Julia....





proffesor crumbs died from wizards of waverly place....

where has childhood gone?


90's kids remeber...

fav if you remeber them!


popular girl: im cold
boy: awh you beautiful creature your my life your the sun and i revolve around you! here you go anything for you!

me: im cold

no hate: dont complain if i stole your quote cause i didnt mean to but nmf

I want him to...

kiss me and never stop
love me like he never loved anyone else
hold hands and skip like idiots

make me feel like the only girl in his world

kiss me in the rain

let me use his sweaatshirt when im  cold

but god damn ill never find that.....


hey sexy!
shut the door,drop you pants

and climb  on top of


love your ,toilet


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i know this is crazy
but here's my number
but call me baby


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happy forever

alone day!

click the {♥} if you single
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cool story babe

now make me a sandwich

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person: what comes after one?
Belieber: time!

new convo to directioner:

person: what comes after one?
directioner: direction!
new convo to normal person:

person: what comes after one? 
normal person: two!