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heyy guys. The names kara:) Now i've been on here for about 3 years now and honestly it's been amazing. Witty is the best. I've seen so many people who have the most unfair lives but are the strongest people I have ever seen. My heart goes out to each and ever one of them. They don't deserve the sh*t life throws at them. I haven't had a bad life and i thankfull for what i do have. I'm missing on thing though. Someone who sticks around. A bestfriend I can tell everything to. That might seem stupid but hey, usually i keep everything locked inside just screaming to come out.  I love my pap,a may he rest in peace. He is in my heart always and forever Music is my drug. I go no where with out my ipod. You cant really ask me what my favorite song is because i have to many hehehe.  I also love to read. It's my escape from reality. Ive been playing soccer even before i could walk and i play really anywhere ya put me p.s not to brag or anything but i made varsitly as a freshmen, not that interesting but i was proud of myself. I party hard on 10/30. Im like any normal teenager, i get insecure about myself never really feel beautiful but i get through it by singing playing soccer , reading and hanging with friends. just kidding! I go on witty(: the thing about my singing is i keep it to myself mostly. If i ever sing around someone you have to be pretty dang special. I am absolutly obssesed with british accents ever since one of my soccer coaches Joe. He was the funnest guy ever and happened to be british....i liked to imitate him alot and eventually got pretty good at the accentXD  Well i dont think anyone actually takes the time to read this cause i doubt anyone knows im even on witty so ill be going now. OH and one more thing YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! please no one forget it(: okey dokes catch ya'll later!
My life is so boring I might put you to sleep if I even try to explain all the nothing I do all the time(:
John Tucker Must Die
Mean Girls
Funny Girl
The Notebook
Pride and Prejudice
Peter Pan
Every single Harry Potter movie:)
The Lion King etc.. ill update later when i think of more:D
As for music I cant tell you my favorites because i have wayyyyyy too many and you might be on here awhile
ummmmm well i dont really have friends on here hahahah(:


Quotes by soccerchicxo4

Don't worry.
You're just as sane as I am.


You know what?
Just move on. Move on with life, and leave those who don't care about you behind. Don't stress over anyone anymore. Don't continue to hold on to those words and promises they've once told you. They proved themselves wrong, and all it did was hurt you. Just keep fighting. Move on because they were just a chapter in the past - but don't close the book
Just keep your head up high, and turn the page.


&They both

fell in love with eachother.

But neither were brave enough to admit

the truth. Simply because, neither of

them were willing to lose their



People Die.So Love Them Everyday.

Beauty Fades.So Look Before It's Gone.
Love Changes.But Not The Love You Give.
And If You Love,You'll Never Be Alone


I will love you until they

find a corner in a circle

S h e    w e a r s    s h o r t   s k i r t s   a n d
i ' m   o n   t h e    i n t e r n e t.
S h e ' s    c h e e r    c a p t a i n    a n d 
i ' m   s t i l l   o n  t h e   i n t e r n e t.

I've fallen for your eyes
but they don't know me yet


I've been on witty since 2009
and I just wanted to say thank you.  Each and every one of you fellow wittians, and of course STEVE have made me smile everyday.
Thank you for showing me there are other crazy teenagers out there that are like me. Thank you for showing me that good people have sh/tty lives and I shouldn't take mine for granted. Thank you for teaching me I will one day find the guy i'm looking for and he will love me for ME. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for teaching me to stick up for my self. Thank you for teaching me to live life to the fullest, because it can be taken from us in an instant. But most importantly....

Thank you
for showing me I am not




It's not

complete yet,

mustn't get our 

feet wet,

cause that leads

to regret, 

diving in to 
" T H I S   I S   I M P O S S I B L E  . . . . "
O N L Y   I F   Y O U   B E L I E V E   I T   I S 
- A  l i  c  e   i n   W  o  n  d  e  r l a  n  d