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How can you go from liking someone and talking to them every day to not even being able to say hi in the hallways...
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I have a boyfriend for the first time ever... The world has offially been flipped upside down


Chapter 22

We find a car on the side of the road and sprint over to it. Everett opens the driver’s seat and finds a corpse sitting there. We stare, but it doesn’t move, so he rips it out of the seat. He gets in and turns the key. It starts up pretty easily.
“Half a tank,” says Everett. “We are going to need to get more gas.”
I nod as I load the bags into the back of the truck. Everett gets out of the car and helps me load them.
“Are you okay?” he asks.
“I’m fine.” I shrug my shoulders. “I just want to get this over with.”
Everett nods. “Me too.”
We get in the trunk; I sit in the passenger seat, hugging my knees, and we take off down the road. I stare at the desolate areas we pass and wonder what they were like the day of the apocalypse. Did children live in that house? Did the husband return home to his pregnant wife? Did the girl that worked at the food store get to see her boyfriend again? All these things come to mind as we drive slowly down the road, looking for a gas station.
Not even ten minutes later, Everett finds one and we pull in. He fills up the tank quickly and fills three extra cans, putting them in the trunk. I bite my lip and turn the radio on, but all I hear is static. I don’t know what I was expecting to hear, but I am a bit disappointed. Everett gets back in the car and hears the static from the radio. He flips through all the stations, but we hear nothing but the constant static. I growl and slam the console of the car.
“Why can’t any of this be easy? Why can’t there be others to help us? I didn’t sign up for this!” I scream in anger and frustration.
Everett puts a hand on my shoulder. “No one signed up for this, Riley, but we must be alive for some reason. We must be doing something extra special, even if we’re not supposed to because we survived when no one else did. We can’t waste that.”
I nod, knowing that he’s right. “Okay, Everett. Just drive, please.”
He nods and drives off down the road again.
I must fall asleep because the next thing I know I’m opening my eyes and staring out the window at the darkness. I look at Everett and see bags under his eyes. His eyes are red too, I think maybe he was crying.
“Everett, do you want me to drive?”
He shakes his head and keeps his eyes on the road.
“Come on, Everett, you’ve been driving all day. You need to rest too you know.”
“Fine, fine, but wake me up if you need me.”
“Of course.”
He pulls over to the side of the road and we climb over the seats, so that I am in the driver’s seat and Everett is in the passenger’s seat. He turns to face the window and slumps on his side. I drive for a while and I have to admit that the silence is chilling. I relive the events of the day and a lump forms in the back of my throat. My eyes start to swell up with tears until I can’t see the road clearly, so I pull over and lean my forehead against the steering wheel and cry. I’ve lost everyone; everyone except Everett of course. I don’t even remember seeing Hook, but I’m glad I don’t because if I did I think I would lose it.
I’m tired. I just feel tired all the time and I don’t want to go on like this, but I will because if I don’t it will hurt Everett too much.
I can’t leave him alone.
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Chapter 21

We walk through the woods in silence. The sun is just starting to rise over the trees as we get closer to the campsite. We get to where the guards were last night, but we don’t see them. All we find is a discarded boot.
We give each other a look and quietly make our way to the camp. When we get there both our jaws drop wide open. The camp is a mess and as we scan the campsite we see creepers gorging themselves on what looks to be our fellow group members.
My heart jolts as I sling my gun off my shoulder and shoot down the creepers. Everett is beside me shooting, his eyes wide and scared and I wonder for a moment if I look like him too. The creepers eventually all fall to the ground and stop moving. I drop my bags and take a couple feeble steps forward.
“Everett…” My voice is weak as I look at all the bodies around us. One starts to move and I see that it is Chris.
“Chris!” I scream and run to him as quickly as possible.
He is breathing quickly and grunting, his face contorted in pain. Both his legs are gone, a pool of blood in their place. I focus on his face and grip his hand tightly.
“Chris, I’m so sorry!” I choke out.
“Where were you?” He pants and groans.
“We-we were in a town. We found so much food, Chris! A-and you’re going to help us eat it.”
He lets out a long groan and then laughs. “Don’t kid yourself Riley. Just shoot me now.”
I shake my head and whimper, “I can’t.”
I hold onto his hand as we stare at each other. Eventually his hand slackens and the glow leaves his eyes. I hang my head over his body and cry. I stay in that spot for at least another two or three hours, not moving or talking. Everett walks around the camp cleaning up some things, but I tune him out. I close Chris’ eyes and brush back his hair from his forehead. I think about all the times Chris has had my back; how many times he’s saved my life and I’ve saved his, and how all of that is gone now.
That’s when I hear him take a breath. Everett must hear it too because he is by my side in an instant and pulling me away and to my feet. I watch as Chris’ eyes open and he starts to crawl towards us. He gnashes his teeth at us and makes a sickening sound come from his throat. Everett fumbles for his gun and I close my eyes as I hear the gun shot go off. My breath catches sin my throat as I open my eyes. I try to suck in air, but I can’t.
“Everett…” I whimper again and start crying. I slowly lower to my knees and sob into my hands. I feel Everett’s arms around me as he clutches me tightly. I hear a low sniffle and a mumbled sorry come from Everett’s mouth. I cry into his shoulder and feel something wet drip onto my forehead. I look up at Everett and see tears silently sliding down his cheeks. I stop crying as best as I can and wipe away Everett’s tears. He watches me and lets out a long sigh. I wipe the tears from his face and he does the same to me.
“We-we need to… build a fire…” I murmur.
Everett nods and we slowly start to move around the bodies.
Once we get the fire going, Everett places a towel over every body’s face, so we don’t have to look at them. We pick up the bodies one by one and throw them into the fire. Afterwards we spend about an hour scrubbing our hands and faces clean. I keep murmuring apologies to no one in particular. Somehow Everett is able to fall asleep and I am left alone with my thoughts. What if Everett and I had been here? Would everyone still be alive? The guilt rises up in me and I realize I am shaking badly. Just as I’m about to scream Everett grabs hold of me tightly. I flinch, not expecting him to wake up so soon.
“I had a nightmare.” He mumbles into my ear as he tightens his hold on me from behind.
“About what?” I have to ask.
He pauses before answering. “About you. I lost you and I felt like a part of me died with you.”
I take a breath. “I am not going anywhere.”
“But what if you do? I don’t know what I would do without you,” he blurts out.
I bite my lip as he rests his head on my shoulder. “I won’t leave you, Everett. Not now, not ever.”
He tightens his grip on me and holds me firmly but gently. We watch the fire as the sun rises. It smells like cooking meat and I try not to remind myself that those bodies were my only friends left. We slowly gather our things and any important supplies that our friends cannot help us with anymore and head back into town, leaving the fire burning behind us.
*****Author's Note*****
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Chapter 20

Everett shakes me awake early the next morning while everyone is still asleep. There are two guards awake, watching over the fire and everyone else. We grab our bags as we try to figure out how to get passed the guards.
Everett ruffles my hair slightly and whispers to me, “Follow my lead.”
I nod and he grabs my hand and puts his other hand around my waist. He pulls me forward roughly so we are both crashing roughly towards the guards. Everett laughs and holds me tightly as he motions to the guards. “Come on, babe! They’ll let us pass.”
He looks at the guards and then gives me a big kiss. I gawk, but then see where Everett is going with this and take his advice in following his lead. I giggle in a high pitched girly way and wrap my arms tightly around his neck. Everett winks at the guards. “Come on boys, if you let us go you can have her when we get back.” I gasp and laugh, a little too harshly, and slap his chest playfully, but enough for him to feel it.
 The men nod excitedly. “Have fun you two.”
Everett flashes them a grin and laughs, leading me into the dark woods, both of us giggling until we are out of hearing range. As soon as we are, he lets go of me and moves over, creating a gap between us. “Too much?” he asks.
I shake my head. “No, but you better keep those guys away from me!”
He laughs and nods. “Fine, fine. I guess that’s fair enough.”
We make it to the small town and stand at the edge of the woods, listening for anything unual. My gun is at my side as we go to the town. There are not many stores around and when we look through the glass of the mini mart we can instantly tell we hit the jackpot. We pry open the electrical doors and head inside. Both our mouths drop as we look at all the food; I’m pretty sure my stomach grumbles out loud. I walk over to the shelf and pick up a bag of chips. I open them and take out a chip, crunching on it.
“Oh my god, I missed these so much.” I groan as eat them.
Everett and I take our time eating half the bag before putting them away for later. We go up and down the aisles, filling our backpacks with and an extra duffel bag with an assortment of foods. Everett drags the duffel bag to the drink section and fills it with waters, juices and energy drinks. I walk down another aisle and see medicine bottles and gauze so I grab them and stuff them in my overloaded bad.
“Riley! Come here!” Everett calls.
I rush over, thinking something is wrong, but when I get there I see Everett holding some food in a package. “What is it?”
He opens it and grins, showing me a small chocolate cake. I look at the cake and start laughing. Everett and I are both cracking up as he splits the cake in two and hands me half. I grin as I eat the cake slowly, trying to savor the taste but all too soon it’s gone. I hug Everett tightly. “That was the best chocolate cake ever.”
He laughs low and hugs me back tightly. We stay like that for a moment before I pull away. “Come on, we should be getting back to everyone now.”
Everett nods, so we grab our bags and leave.
*****Author's Note*****
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Chapter 19

It’s been a week since Everett and I got back to the group. Things have been pretty easy this week. We haven’t had any problems and have been making good time; we’re nearly three quarters of the way there. I keep wondering how things are going to be after everything is over. It’s actually kind of unnerving to think about.
Everett walks over with  bowl of porridge and sits down beside me. The bruises on his face are a deep purple and green, but they are getting better. Hook had to reset my fingers and I think it was one of the most painful experiences of my life.
“How are you, Riley?” Everett brakes me from my thoughts and I just shrug. “You know there’s a small town not too far from here? We could go and check it out if you want, just the two of us.”
I pause and think about it for a moment before nodding my head excitedly. “Yeah that would be cool.”
He grins. “Good, we’ll go tomorrow.”
 “What do we need? I know I’m getting low on ammo.” I say.
“Well I’m still keeping my eyes out for some chocolate cake.”
I laugh and rub my stomach. “I could definitely go for some chocolate cake!”
He rubs his stomach too. “Well, I’ve been watching my weight, but I think I can make an exception for chocolate cake.”
I giggle, but then look closely at Everett. He has definitely lost weight, not that he was heavy before, but now I can see the gauntness in his cheeks, the bones sticking out prominently. I too hae lost more than enough weight; my ribs are starting to stick out. Everett and I have both lost muscle too, though we are both able to go about out duties.
I sigh and lie down, looking up at the sky. “I can’t wait for this to be over.”
“Neither can I,” Everett sighs out as he lies down beside me.
*****Author's Note*****
I know, I know short chapter, but the next one is going to be longer and much more exciting!!
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Chapter 18

I feel the wind on my face when I wake up and I sit up quickly, looking around. I groan from the quick movements, but when I get my bearings I see that I’m back at camp, but I don’t see Everett. I get up and go through my bag until I find my sweatshirt and throw it over my head. I get up and find Hook, quickly pulling him aside.
“Where’s Everett?”
He points to a makeshift tent. “He was pretty beat up when we found him.” He must see the shock on my face because he adds, “He’ll be fine, Riley.”
I nod and head towards the tent. I take a deep breath just outside the tent and go inside. I see Everett asleep in a sleeping bag with a couple blankets around him. His face is partly bandaged and swollen. I sit down next to him and grip his hand. I’m not sure what happened to him; he didn’t look like this when I saw him, but I can tell he is in pain. I stroke his hand and wipe my eyes to stop myself from crying.
It would be wrong to leave Everett so I lie down next to him and drape an extra blanket over my lap. I watch Everett sleep and wonder about our kiss. Did it actually mean anything or was it all in the heat of the moment? What if it really did mean something to Everett and I totally shut him down? Of course I care for Everett, he’s my best friend, but there’s just too much going on right now to try to figure out all my feelings. I mumble a sorry to Everett before lying down and falling asleep.
When I wake up, Everett is still asleep, but his breathing seems too fast for him to be sleeping. I scoot closer to him and whisper, “Everett?”
He sighs and opens his eyes. We stare at each other for a minute before I close the gap between us and hug him tightly. He groans and I ease up on the hug.
“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”
I help him lie back down, but he keeps a firm grip on my hand. “I’m fine, Riley.”
I bite my lip. “You don’t look fine.”
“Well I am,” he says.
I look at him harshly, get up, and walk out of the tent. The light blinds my eyes briefly as I walk out. I hear Everett call my name as I storm off into the woods. I run through the woods and scream shrilly, kicking and punching random trees.
I drop my hands once they are bloody and sore. I sit against a tree and hug my knees tightly, glaring at the ground. I hear footsteps and I turn around ready to run, but it’s only Chris. He sits down beside me and asks, “I saw you run off. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” I mumble.
He rubs my shoulder. “Come on, why don’t you come back to camp?”
I shake my head. “I don’t want to go back to camp.”
“Then where do you want to go?”
I look at Chris and mumble, “Home…”
He keeps rubbing my shoulder. “I know. Everyone wants to go home, but we have to stick it out just a bit longer.” I groan but he continues, “We will get to D.C. and we will stop this epidemic.”
“How can you be so sure? How can you be so optimistic?”
He pauses for a moment to think. “Hope,” he says, “that this is not the way God intended us to end; that it’s just another stepping stone for the human race to learn from, not be destroyed by.”
I stare at him a moment, mesmerized by his words. “I hope you’re right, Chris.”
He smiles and takes my hand, helping me up. “Come on; let’s go back to the others.”
He leads me towards everyone else and this time I don’t fight back.
*****Author's Note*****
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!!
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